THLR High Performance Workout #2

Here’s a workout that will get your body stronger and leaner- It’s a hunter gatherer inspired workout. I have different versions of this that I use with my clients, but here’s a good one. As always, have fun and get as creative as you want- The main point is to work at three different heart rate levels.

1. 2:00 of Interval Training (15 seconds on, 15 off): This can be on a treadmill, exercise bike, or rowing machine. All you’re doing here is going ALL OUT for 15 seconds, then taking 15 seconds to rest and recover. Do this for 2 minutes.

2. 5-12 reps of a strength exercise. 30 second rest between sets, 2 sets: Choose an exercise: Squat, pushup, bench press, pull up, bent over row. Any exercise that forces you to dig deep into your muscles.

3. 1:00 holding a plank or doing a low intensity activity: You can some light jogging in place or some crunches. A plank is good because it allows you to rest while still engaging your core. The point here is to keep moving but recover enough to repeat the circuit.

We’re built to do activity at each those three different levels. A hunter gatherer would gather and travel at a lower heart rate, looking for opportunity and threats- he’d spend most of his time at this heart rate. If an animal was around and he had to hunt or run from it, his heart rate would increase for a little while. Then every so often, he’d operate in the highest heart rate zone- the kill or be killed zone. This would be 15 seconds of all out work to either catch his prey or be caught by a predator.

There’s some good information on this topic in Younger Next Year.

We have energy systems for all of these and we seem to be healthiest when we utilize them all. Push yourself on this one and see if you can complete two rounds of it.

Check out the physical section for more workout tips and routines!

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