Your Lever (How to Easily Create Massive Change)

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How to Easily Create Massive Change

Aww yeah aww yeah…It’s been a crazy week and weekend- linked up with some cool people, had  a bunch of POWERFUL coaching sessions (big shout out to all my clients), and got a lot of creative work done. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

Before we hit your Lever, where are you at with your fitness? Have you been moving your Body enough?

I remind clients of this all the time: All you gotta do is COMMIT TO MOVING (health benefits of staying active)You DO NOT have to do crazy work outs every day.  Just get up, move, stretch, walk, run, dance… whatever you want. If you need a quick, easy workout, do the challenge I put up last week.

Now, onto that Lever idea.

“The Lever” is a HUGE part of my coaching method. It’s the simplest way to make progress in your Health and Fitness.

YOUR personal Lever is one part of your daily routine that, when tweaked a bit, creates MASSIVE change in your Life. When you identify your Lever and work with it, you’ll be ASTOUNDED at how quickly things change.

Think of how a lever works: It allows you to lift get a job done quicker and more efficiently… and with less effort.

Why It’s So Effective:

The Lever method solves the one BIG problem people face in Health, Fitness, and Personal Development…

You want some change, realize how much there is to be done, then you try to do EVERYTHING AT ONCE. You become overwhelmed, discouraged and burnt out. You eventually stop trying, thinking you’re just destined to stay the way you are. Sound familiar?


“Habits…emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort.” (Power of Habit)

So we make it easy and go with Nature: THE LEVER allows us to wipe out everything that COULD be changed, and focus on just ONE aspect (saving effort and energy) that naturally improves several other areas. And THIS is how you create change.

An Example of the Lever approach:

Nutrition: Let’s say I eat cereal, bagels, and I drink orange juice for breakfast.
Problem: I’m tired all day, can’t focus, and I crash HARD at 2pm. I’m also putting on fat.
I tweak my Nutrition a bit: I start eating Eggs with veggies instead. And I drink water or Green Tea.

The Result:

1) My Energy goes way up and it’s sustained throughout the day (no 2pm crash).
2) My focus level goes up at work and overall.
3) My workouts get better and I lose weight because my blood sugar is stable.
4) I’m happier, healthier, and more productive.

Just by changing 1 thing, I’ve revolutionized my entire day… and done over a period of time… MY ENTIRE LIFE. See the simplicity and the domino effect?

Finding Yours:

Can you see your Lever? Don’t go crazy trying to find it, just ask yourself one question:

“If there’s ONE simple habit I could break or build that’d change my state of Health, freedom, or my level of happiness in my Life… what would it be?”

If you’re having trouble, here are some recent Levers that have come up in sessions: 
– Develop a morning routine or daily ME time.
– 15 minute Meditation once a day.
– Short morning exercise session.
– No processed food.
– Walk after big meals.

If you find several potential Levers, just pick one of them. Even if it’s not the most powerful one, you’re still changing a habit which will bring positive results.

Homework This Week

1) Keep hammering in this concept: Progress builds momentum and confidence.This has been HUGE for a lot of you guys recently and it’s definitely something to stick by. We need progress to feel good- set a goal, challenge yourself, change through it, and become aware of your progress. You will only improve.

2) Look for your Lever. See if you can find that one habit or part of your day that you can work with to see other areas improve effortlessly. When we identify a Lever in a session and then focus on it for 2 weeks, the results are UNREAL. And that realization and AHA moment where someone sees their growth and real potential… it’s indescribable.

And I’m leaving you with this inspiring quote for the week:


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