Juice For The Journey

Juice For The Journey

While I was training my client Byron, I noticed something. He was pushing a sled, sweating a bit and we were having a casual conversation. We were talking about something stupid…laughing.

He was EASILY pushing a little under 200lbs. Two months ago, 200lbs was COMPLETELY out of the question.

Awareness of Progress:

When I brought that to his attention he was shocked. He realized that 2 months ago he could only push about 100lbs. INSTANT SPARK and change in energy.

For most people, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But I get deep and I’m obsessed with these concepts and really seeing them in action. As he became aware of his own progress in that very moment, his mindset (and Body) completely changed during our workout. It brought our workout up a few notches. And that makes all the difference…

 This is why the THLR Axiom “Awareness of Progress builds confidence, momentum, and drive” holds true.

When you take a second and notice that your hard work is paying off, you’ll find yourself filled with energy to workout harder, longer and more focused. 

Recognition… To Keep Going:

I feel like we all need some recognition for our hard work. BUT… the recognition should come in this form: “Look, you’re doing some good shit here. Great work. KEEP IT GOING and dig even deeper. Go even harder.” I think we need both sides of that to keep improving.

The recognition should allow you to see that you’re capable of creating change, that your hard work is paying off, and that you do have that power to keep moving toward that goal you set.

Progress Points:

Set up a progress point for yourself today. Take a photo, write down your weight, and write a quick note about how you feel about your overall fitness. This is your point A.

Then set your goal and get to work knowing you’ll be looking at today’s photo in about 12 weeks… realizing and really feeling good about the fact that you worked your ass off to achieve your goal.


Your greatest joy in working out will come from seeing that you set a crazy goal at one point and you’re steadily moving toward it. That you challenged yourself to become stronger and you’re doing it. Seeing your new body and level of strength… and being humbled by the fact that what you do now was at one point a distant dream…

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