Anxiety Problems?! Try THESE

Anxiety Problems?! Try THESE

When I REALLY began dedicating time and effort to my own personal development, one major focus was this idea of anxiety. I wanted to get to the bottom of the stress, anxiety, and depression problems I had been facing.

I heard at one point that you can often find your purpose in life by looking at hardships you’ve faced. The things you’ve struggled with the most. I also heard Brian Tracy say “When God wants to give us a gift, he wraps it in a problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the gift.”

If you’re one of the millions who suffer from anxiety, I’m hoping these ideas will help you. I’m hoping they’ll allow you to break through completely, feel a little stronger as you work things out, or give you some support and encouragement by knowing that you’re NOT alone and you CAN switch your own patterns..

So What Is Anxiety?

Remember that anxiety is natural. It’s something that happens, like anything else, to tell us something we need to understand. It’s letting us know about our environment and what kind of thoughts we’re working with at a given moment. Anxiety is just an e-motion… it’s energy in motion.

It’s easy to judge our feelings. “I shouldn’t be feeling this. It’s bad.” And this is EXACTLY what keeps people stuck in their heads, creating more of this anxiety. Your anxiety is something you’re feeling, so it’s right. Your body and intuition never lie. They’re just telling you what’s going on. It’s just like when you feel happy to see someone. That feeling, that emotion… it’s telling you about what’s going on in your environment.


Pay VERY close attention to how you define things. A definition can change your entire outlook on a given situation. IMPORTANT: Your anxiety doesn’t have to be solved because it’s NOT a problem. Anxiety is natural so it’s there for a reason. And it’s prompting us to move into action. So it’s real adaptive.

Now, if you consider it a disorder because it’s impinging on your life and wellbeing, then it’s a CHALLENGE. And what is a challenge? Something that is to be learned from and overcome. Definitions are important.

Fact 1: Getting pissed off at your anxiety issues will cause more of them.

I know it’s easy to be pissed about it, how it’s held you back, and how much it’s drained you… but the more you get frustrated about it, the more of it you get. Frustration is stress… which is anxiety. So just CHIIILLLL… be glad it’s there… it’s part of your guidance system. So it’s doing more good that you know.

Fact 2: Anxiety is telling you about your environment and the thoughts you’re working with.


Fact 3: You need anxiety.

Anxiety pushes us into action. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to do shit. If I have a test coming up and I feel anxiety, what’s it telling me? It’s saying this test is important and I want to the outcome to be a passing grade. So what do I do? PREPARE FOR IT. Use that anxiety energy to move into action to achieve your goal.


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