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The ABSolute Truth About Eating Fat

The ABSolute Truth About Eating Fat

Addressing questions regarding fat in the diet…

healthy fat

There’s this thing called “fat-o-phobia”. People developed it when popular health news and media began making this blanketed statement: “Fat is bad.” Aw naw.

This statement lead to “no fat diets” and people pushing away everything that contains fat. Unfortunately, popular health news and media outlets were wrong. They left out a real simple, important fact…

Here it is: Dietary fat is essential (“essential” fatty acids). And it’s one of the BEST energy sources we have available.

So they fucked up. And people are still having a hard time breaking through the fear of fat. But here’s the good news: ONE simple practice can shift your entire fitness, health and energy situation…

Eat LESS SUGAR and more HEALTHY fat. Your body will become stronger, leaner (as long as you’re moving around) and more energetic. You’ll also heal faster and recover quicker from workouts. These are only a few benefits you get by eating more of the right kinds of fat.

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Check out the video. Addressing questions I’m getting about fat and referencing an extremely helpful book…

Learn New Skills

On the Mindset side of things, healthy fat is required to build myelin. In “The Talent Code” we learn that myelin is what seperates high performers from the average in any field. So if you’re focused on your sport, exercise, skill acquisition or learning new things (if not, set a goal), eat healthy fat to get better at what you do…whatever that might be.

Inflammation (DNA)

Remember that when dealing with health, healing, fitness, energy and life… one of the foundations to understand is stress and inflammation. Chronic stress without healing leads to a weakened immune system, depleted energy, and damaged DNA. Yes, damaged DNA. That’s fuckin real.

Healthy fats reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system. They build vitality and actually indirectly (maybe directly) heal your DNA. This is related to how your body communicates with itself. And you need healthy fat for effective body/nervous system communication and healing.

Unhealthy fats set off an immune response. And when you consistently foods that are harmful, your body stays in a state of stress. It can then become confused about where the problem is. It begins fighting itself. This is what we call “auto immune”.

Aw Yeah/Aw Naw

So here’s your key. The good fats and the bad. The goods get the “Aw Yeah”. Put these on your grocery list. The bads get the “Aw Naw”. Take em off. Here we go:

Aw Yeah (Inflammation Fighting):
-Wild Caught Salmon (BIG Aw Yeah), Sardines, Cod
-Cage Free Eggs
-Grass Fed Meat
-Coconut Oil
-Olive Oil
-Flaxseed/Chia Seed/Hemp Seed

Aw Naw (Inflammation Causing):
-Deep Fried Food
-Corn/Grain Fed Meat
-Canola/Vegetable Oil
-Margerine/Fake Butters
-Baked Goods

Use this as a guide and resource to clear up confusion about fat. Eat the healthy fats because we need them. Eliminate the unhealthy ones while dropping sugar. Everything in your life will change.

Remember, regardless of where you come from, you can change your life by making new choices. You always have control over what you put into your body. Honor your body and only eat what it appreciates.

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Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Uh Huh. Aw Yeah.

Monday, Monday, Monday… Wait, it doesn’t matter what fckin’ day it is. Remain a champion.

Today I’m highlighting a real THLR Champion. Before I get into it though, I’m gonna say this…quote me on this until I’m dead: The ONLY thing holding you back from achieving your goals is fear of change. Once you get over that fear, you’ll amaze yourself.

When I started training Kaitlin, I kept reminding her of this. Her goal was to get healthy and lose some weight. My goal was to give her the tools to develop her power. To draw out her inner champion. 

Kaitlin was dedicated to changing her life and as a result, lost 30lbs. She’s healthier and stronger than ever and her mindset has changed- she’s now a confident individual who KNOWS what she’s capable of.

Check out Kaitlin’s transformation…


She’s not done. She now sees that it’s her CHOICE to create her body, health, and life.


Her “fitness journey” was fun and empowering. Not some boring, difficult struggle like many people believe.

THLR training involves finding FLOW. When you find your Flow State to improve your body, health and life… you FLOURISH. You stay intrinsically motivatedWhat this means: In short, you do not stop.

“Champions are not made in the gym. They’re made from something deep inside them.” – Ali

Kaitlin tapped into “something” during her 30lb journey. She found a new way of living. The inner champion. The muthafuckin inner badass. The razor sharp edge that cuts through all limit and doubt. That’s what YOU gotta tap into if you want to make anything new happen.

As Kaitlin continues on, remember, she’s the same as you, me and everyone else. We all have a choice at every moment:
Settle for limited belief OR tap into that inner champion. 

Take this week by the face and throw it up against the fuckin’ wall. Your life is in your hands.

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WTF Is Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training?!

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WTF Is Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training?!

A Useful Energetic Fitness Workout

Ay! It’s your boy Barz. Today I’m sharing a form of training that has unlimited benefits. Literally, unlimited. Fat loss, increased strength and stability, focus, decreased stress… you name it.

I call it Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training. Ha! If you know me, you know my background in Eastern practice and sharing the benefits of these toolkits…

Use this workout as a way to switch up your routine and feel the benefits associated. I have clients use this style of training  in the following scenarios:

-They feel tired from TOO MUCH working out
-Their overall focus levels are low. They need a reset
-They’ve hit a plateau in their training
-They feel stressed and regular meditation just isn’t cutting it

Before I get into what it’s all about, check out the video…


It’s real easy to get in the gym, breathe fast, throw some weights up and then leave. It’s a whole nutha story to perform EXTRA slow movements- FEELING your muscles working. Fiber by fiber.

Slow movements in the gym build your MIND-MUSCLE connection. This is a KEY to fitness and building a strong, sexy body. The better you can control and command your muscles to do work- the more in shape you’ll be.

The deep breathing involved in this workout helps in a number of ways. Increased oxygen nourishes the brain, relieves stress and enhances performance.

The increased oxygen intake will boost your metabolism as well… so pairing this style of workout with your  normal high intensity routine will BLAST the fat off your body.

Use this workout as a form of dynamic meditation. The short term and long term benefits will change your life.



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Break Through Your Plateau (Playground Flow)

Break Through Your Plateau (Playground Flow)

Aww Yeah. Barz here. Are you experiencing a plateau in your fitness training? Zero progress or a lack of motivation? Feeling like training is some type of task you have to wrestle with instead of something that rejuvenates you?

Believe it or not, the fitness journey is NOT about that at all. Alot of people have this idea that  it should be a diffcult struggle. THLR is all about breaking through that myth- showing ways to find your OWN FLOW that allows you to continue progressing without falling flat or losing your hard earned progress.

So what do you do when you’ve hit a plateau and you feel frustrated and bored with your routine?

The most basic way to put it is like this: SHAKE THINGS UP. Sounds simple, but so many people struggle with it.

I have 3 clients right now who are shifting into a new workout program or training method for this very reason. We’re developing new exercises and mindset techniques to address the lack of motivation and get  “unstuck”….NATURALLY driving up energy and fitness results.

Check out this video with me and my man Dave. If you need to break through a plateau and regain some momentum, feel free to mimic this workout….

Here we used our creativity to build a short workout. NO SET ROUTINE, NO GUIDELINES. It’s just: Get creative and let your body MOVE. That’s it.

This Mindset will help you quickly break through any plateau you find yourself stuck at….


Go WIld

Read any book on Evolutionary Biology and you’ll see this: WE’RE WIRED FOR VARIETY. Especially when it comes to movement.

So if you are feeling bored or frustrated with your routine, it’s your brilliant Human Nature that’s urging you to CHANGE IT UP!


I work directly with clients and groups to change routines up, but as a general idea: Just choose an activity you don’t normally do and do it for a while. This could be extra Yoga or stretching, hiking, or dancing. In the gym, go from Strength Training to Balance And Stability for a few days.

Often times it takes just 2 or 3 days of some new shit to show you the next step in your fitness journey as your motivation and energy go WAY, WAY UP.

For more guidance on this topic, feel free to hit me directly.

Until next time…

Keep Progressing,




Spiderman Akshay’s Fat Burning Workout

Spiderman Akshay’s Fat Burning Workout

It’s Summer time, which means CUTTING SEASON.

It’s time to tweak your workouts and nutrition to show those abs. Now, remember there are two components to getting cut as fuck:

1) GET OUT OF BREATH: This turns up the metabolism and gets the Body looking for Energy. It also increases Growth Hormone. 

2) LEAVE YOUR MUSCLES SORE: A lot of people miss this one. You can’t just run. Heavy, compound movements also have a potent fat burning effect. This is also how you signal to your body: “I need these muscles… don’t burn them for fuel.”

Akshay is cutting for a couple months before he moves into a lean gain phase. We hit the park to get a conditioning, leg and core workout in… check it out below.

Here’s some of what we did. Use these in your outdoor workout (check the video):
- Spiderman Stepouts
- Jump Squats
- Spiderman Pushups
- Behind The Back Dips

See the other exercises in his cutting workout….

Vary the reps and sets with these exercises (always stay creative), but for cutting and reducing body fat, remember those two KEY CONCEPTS:
– Get Out Of Breath
– Leave Your Muscles Sore

As long as you’re eating pretty well, you’ll always get leaner and stronger.


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Broken Butterfly- A Spiritual Poem

Broken Butterfly- A Spiritual Poem


By Joelle Valente

This poem by Joelle Valente will give you a boost. This is one I read from time to time to remind myself of my strength.

Words and ideas change lives- especially when they’re read with emotion. Read this poem and really feel what the author is saying.

Some of my favorite lines here:
“Press on… to more positive things.”
“Your colors become vibrant as you change course.”
“Sail through the wind until you find your way.”

However difficult this point in time is, re-member: You’re being challenged to gain new perspective and strength. This is ALWAYS the case.

A challenge involves a goal (go-all). You set a goal a long time ago and this is part of achieving it. Go-all out and roll forward. 

Hoping you find strength in this.

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There are two parts to killin’ shit.

1) The FIRE that comes from knowing you can get better, work harder, be more focused. It’s the part that says “I want more”.

fire passion

2) The confidence and motivation that comes from looking at what you’ve done and the progress you’ve made (Awareness Of Progress). This is the part that says “Damn, look what I’ve achieved. I GOT IT.”

Combine these two and you’re unstoppable.

I remind clients all the time of their progress. I see it, note it, even show them proof that they’ve dont way more than they thought they were capable of. They’ll still say “ehhh…” and almost cut themselves down.

Where Does This Come From?

Who knows. But somewhere along the road you learned to dull your own shine. Maybe someone was jealous and cut you down. Or maybe you think if you get too comfortable you won’t work as hard.

Re-Cognize the fact that you’ve worked your ass off. You’ve stayed focused and you’re only getting stronger. SEE THAT AND FEEL IT.  Then say “I’m not finished yet. I want more.”

*******Your Brain will start telling you to work out if you FEEL GOOD while you’re doing it. And you feel good when you KNOW you’re making progress.*******

All ya’ll focused on your goals, getting better by the day. Here you go. PUT IN THAT WORK AND KEEP IT ROLLIN’.

Proud and grateful for every single one of you. 

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Get In The Zone (3 Steps)

Get In The Zone (3 Steps)

Morning routines. Are they important? 

To answer some questions about morning routines, here’s what I’ve found regarding this practice.

FIrst of all, morning routines are EXTREMELY helpful. The main reason is this: Your first 10 minutes create a domino effect. Plain and simple. Start your day with a free, abundant mentality, and your day reflects that. You want to be in a state of creation and response… not reaction.


Book-ending is a Power Practice. There are two parts of your day that you have 100% control over. First thing in the morning before the craziness of the world grabs you up….and then again late at night. Use these times to focus on creating your day and what makes you happy, moving forward.

Getting In The Zone (3 Steps)

If you study happy, highly effective impactful people, you’ll notice one thing: They all have morning routines. They all prime themselves and get in the zone first thing in the morning.

Check out Tony Robbins: A good guy and resource for the art of priming and morning routines.

 There’s a very powerful three step approach to getting in the zone. This is what  I’m currently using and what a couple clients of mine are finding real helpful for progress.

1) Water. First thing in the morning…Agua!


Why? We dry up a over night. When we are low on water, the brain sends off stress signals to prompt us to hydrate. The problem is, most people go straight for coffee in the morning. This creates MORE stress. And you can’t create in this state. Drink water a glass of clean water as soon as you wake up.

2) Movement. The type of movement can vary, but you gotta move.


Why? We get a surge of Energy as soon as we wake up. If we block that Energy, stress levels go up and you’ll feel tired and anxious during your day.Let that Energy flow through by moving. Dance, stretch, jog, or walk.

The Brain develops through movement and exercise. It makes us smarter. This is an evolutionary thing. Moving in the morning will allow you to think clearly and creatively.

3) Mindset Work. This also varies person to person, but every morning routine needs some mindset work.


Why? If you can’t see the target, you can’t hit it. If you don’t know what you’re creating, how can you create it? What are you doing today and why?

Meditation, visualization and gratitude are all beneficial. Gratitude increases your health, Energy levels and clarity. It clears up head space, relaxes the body, and allows you to visualize your day.

Here’s a further breakdown of morning routines and the power of starting your day off in the Zone…

Enjoy your Life by creating powerful days starting with a solid morning routine. Just imagine where you’ll be a year from now if you start every day from a POWER POSITION.

I’ll leave you with this quote for the week that made me go “OH SHIT”…

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”- Carl Sagan

Is he talking about U?

Keep it rollin and remember, this is YOUR SUMMER.

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Pele’s Says Love What You Do

Pele’s Says Love What You Do


“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing and learning to do.” – Pele

Ay. Whutchu doin today? It’s Monday. You goin’ to work? School?

The more important question is: Are you in love with what you’re doing or learning?

This is the most important question to ask yourself and here’s why: If you don’t love what you’re doing or learning… you’re not gonna fuckin’ do it. Right?


If you’re doing something for no reason, with no gas behind it… you’re drained. Like this kid above.

Instead, take somethng you love getting better at and just do it. Then take another thing you love doing and do that too.


Like these two above. Happy to excel. Or just posing for a picture. You get what I’m saying though.

We are wired to feel REAL good when we progress in something we love. When we learn new skills and make new connections. It’s survival. And to take it a step further, doing what you Love makes your Body healthier and stronger (Gratitude is a big part of this).

Take a pro active approach and let your fire burn. Then find a way to help people with it. Even if what you’re doing and learning just makes you smile… you’re helping people who are sad. And they’re only sad because… they chose not to do what they love. Funny, right?

That’s it. The minute you say “I LOVE DOING THIS RIGHT HERE. But…”, it’s all over. Take it upon yourself to live passionately.

This is YOUR Summer. 

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-Ron Barz

Playing Nice? WHAT?!

play hard thlr


Playing Nice? WHAT?!

See Kobe’s face? WOW. You know what that is? That’s ENERGY… UNLEASHED. That’s PASSION. That’s AGGRESSION.

You know what Kobe did to achieve his highest goal? He said repeatedly said “I’m NOT playing nice.”

The funny thing is that this Energy is the same stuff you’re made of it. That’s right. Kobe was just extremely good at tapping into it and LETTING IT GO.

Tapping in and letting go… that’s what I teach people to do as a coach.

You see, there’s one pattern that comes up ALL THE TIME when working with people on Health, Energy, and… you know, all that Life stuff.

Here it is: 
1) You want to change your Life. Be more, do more, have more.
2) You’re afraid of change, failure, and what other people will think.
3) You feel unworthy of a better Life so you stifle yourself.
4) You unconsciously decide to PLAY NICE and settle for less.

“I’m fine, I guess.” “Things are okay the way they are.” No. What do YOU want? Really. You deserve to live the Life you’ve decided on.

play nice

This one pattern seems to be the root cause of SO MANY issues for us. It’s this conditioned cycle that causes us to stay in the exact same situation and circumstances we’re trying to evolve out of.

The Safe Zone:

Playing nice keeps you in the safe zone, and when you’re in that zone, there is no change. Remember, without CHALLENGE, there’s no CHANGE. 

When you go JUST beyond your current limits, pushing the envelope, you can create a flow state.  The flow state keeps you moving in an upward spiral…feeling strong and confident on way toward your goals. You become more energized as your intrinsic (internal) motivation grows.

Something as simple as going for 15 pushups instead of 10… can create that flow state.

This “flow state” is what Daniel Coyle calls the sweet spot in “The Talent Code”...

“The sweet spot: that productive, uncomfortable terrain located just beyond our current abilities, where our reach exceeds our grasp. Deep practice is not simply about struggling; it’s about seeking a particular struggle, which involves a cycle of distinct actions.”- Daniel Coyle (The Talent Code)

talent code

Make The Switch:

Remember this week, you’re worth WAY more that settling. If you want better Health and a better Body, get aggressive about it. Make that switch. Take that step forward.

If you want to bring your Life up a notch and make it more passionate, more exciting, go HARD at it. You can’t play nice and expect results.

So let me ask you, where’s that natural Power you have? I want to see, feel, and hear you this week. The version of you that comes out when the Rocky Theme is on.

Remember, this is YOUR Summer. 

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