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Eat 360: Nutrition is what keeps your Body and Mind functioning at a High Level. Eat right to fuel yourself and create the Life you want. Enhance your Energy, focus, creativity, career, finances, relationships and more. We are what we eat. Eat well.

Drink Some Tea (Energy Booster)


Drink Some Tea
Energy Booster

Energy, yo. Energy. People ask about Energy all the time- “How do I boost Energy pre workout? How about in the morning?”

The thing about energy is that we already “have it”. We just need to turn that switch on and then use it. Then we have more of it. A morning drink can help with that little switch…

Heres a a potent energy formula that gives you a gradual increase in ENERGY and FOCUS. This is what you want. Not a jolt and then a big crash.

The benefits of drinking Tea in the morning?

- Turn that switch on and feel that energy flow.
– Get focused and feel good.
– Improve digestion/detox
– Load your body with vitamins and nutrients for the day.

 And it’s easy as fuck to make…

1) Buy some Green Tea
2) Buy some Yerba Mate
3) Boil some water
4) Put the mixture in a tea strainer and make that tea
5) Drink that shit

Easy, right?

I recomended this combo to people for pre workout and for early morning to get in the ZONE.

****OPTION: You can also add ginger to this or raw honey for the taste. Green Tea and Yerba Mate are the two baseline ingrents.

Under A Microscope…

Green Tea contains TONS of antioxidants. All of which keep your body lean, strong and healthy. Antioxidants can slow down and even reverse damage in your body. THEY’RE ESSENTIAL. It also contains Theanine. Theanine is a relaxing amino acid. This is why you feel a sense of calm when you drink it. The little bit of caffeine plus theanine will get you feeling alert, yet calm and focused. A perfect combo for working out or getting work done.

THIS. Drink this. Yerba Mate has tons of health benefits. It contains 15 amino acids (the building blocks of muscle) and tons of vitamins. It has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Try this and see how it works. Let me know. The goal is to GET IN THE ZONE early and dominate you day. Tap the inner champion, yo.


“Remember, progress is a process. Results are seen and appreciated over time. Success comes from habits. Wake up, drink some Ron Tea and focus on YOUR VISION. Whatever the fuck that might be.”


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The ABSolute Truth About Eating Fat

The ABSolute Truth About Eating Fat

Addressing questions regarding fat in the diet…

healthy fat

There’s this thing called “fat-o-phobia”. People developed it when popular health news and media began making this blanketed statement: “Fat is bad.” Aw naw.

This statement lead to “no fat diets” and people pushing away everything that contains fat. Unfortunately, popular health news and media outlets were wrong. They left out a real simple, important fact…

Here it is: Dietary fat is essential (“essential” fatty acids). And it’s one of the BEST energy sources we have available.

So they fucked up. And people are still having a hard time breaking through the fear of fat. But here’s the good news: ONE simple practice can shift your entire fitness, health and energy situation…

Eat LESS SUGAR and more HEALTHY fat. Your body will become stronger, leaner (as long as you’re moving around) and more energetic. You’ll also heal faster and recover quicker from workouts. These are only a few benefits you get by eating more of the right kinds of fat.

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Check out the video. Addressing questions I’m getting about fat and referencing an extremely helpful book…

Learn New Skills

On the Mindset side of things, healthy fat is required to build myelin. In “The Talent Code” we learn that myelin is what seperates high performers from the average in any field. So if you’re focused on your sport, exercise, skill acquisition or learning new things (if not, set a goal), eat healthy fat to get better at what you do…whatever that might be.

Inflammation (DNA)

Remember that when dealing with health, healing, fitness, energy and life… one of the foundations to understand is stress and inflammation. Chronic stress without healing leads to a weakened immune system, depleted energy, and damaged DNA. Yes, damaged DNA. That’s fuckin real.

Healthy fats reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system. They build vitality and actually indirectly (maybe directly) heal your DNA. This is related to how your body communicates with itself. And you need healthy fat for effective body/nervous system communication and healing.

Unhealthy fats set off an immune response. And when you consistently foods that are harmful, your body stays in a state of stress. It can then become confused about where the problem is. It begins fighting itself. This is what we call “auto immune”.

Aw Yeah/Aw Naw

So here’s your key. The good fats and the bad. The goods get the “Aw Yeah”. Put these on your grocery list. The bads get the “Aw Naw”. Take em off. Here we go:

Aw Yeah (Inflammation Fighting):
-Wild Caught Salmon (BIG Aw Yeah), Sardines, Cod
-Cage Free Eggs
-Grass Fed Meat
-Coconut Oil
-Olive Oil
-Flaxseed/Chia Seed/Hemp Seed

Aw Naw (Inflammation Causing):
-Deep Fried Food
-Corn/Grain Fed Meat
-Canola/Vegetable Oil
-Margerine/Fake Butters
-Baked Goods

Use this as a guide and resource to clear up confusion about fat. Eat the healthy fats because we need them. Eliminate the unhealthy ones while dropping sugar. Everything in your life will change.

Remember, regardless of where you come from, you can change your life by making new choices. You always have control over what you put into your body. Honor your body and only eat what it appreciates.

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Organic VS Inorganic, Does It Really Matter??

Organic VS Inorganic, Does It Really Matter??

Vibrant Produce

The Age of the Internet has given us access to A LOT of information and resources. It’s changed the way we see things and really opened up our world. Which is great. However, the internet is FILLED with so much information that it’s become an overload. Yes, just TOO MUCH information.

And this is why I hear all the time, “I just don’t know who’s right. So I just keep doing what I’ve been doing.”

I’m here to give you the ideas. Show you what will help, why it will help, and then prompt you to FEEL IT OUT YOURSELF. This is how you learn on a deep level, what works and what doesn’t.


Now, this one Nutrition question: “Does buying Organic really help?” This comes up all the time. So let’s get into the Science and break it down a bit.

The short answer is: YES. It does matter. If you have the money or begin to see the value in TOP QUALITY Nutrition, spend the extra money on Organic.

If you don’t have the money to buy Organic… here’s how to stay Healthy and clear headed in the midst of all the confusion…

Most foods with a shell are OKAY to eat non-Organic. These foods are grown with LESS PESTICIDES…  but make sure you wash all your food anyway.

Here’s the list of okay’d non-Organic foods:

1) Avocado
2) Pineapple
3) Kiwi
4) Onion
5) Aspagarus
6) Mango
7) Grapefruit
8) Mushrooms
9) Papaya
10) Sweet Peas
11) Cantaloupe 
12) Eggplant
13) Sweet Potato
14) Cabbage
15) Watermelon
16) Cauliflower 

Now, for the foods you should ONLY EAT ORGANIC. These are the ones that are grown with a lot of pesticide. They are very toxic when commercially grown. Spend a little extra and  eat these ORGANIC:


1) Apples
2) Peaches
3) Strawberries
4) Nectarines
5) Grapes
6) Celery
7) Spinach
8) Sweet Bell Peppers
9) Cucumbers
10) Snap Peas
11) Tomatoes
12) Hot Peppers
13) Kale
14) Collard Greens

By keeping your Body FREE OF TOXINS, here’s what happens:

-Energy Goes UP
-Health Goes UP (Low Medical Bills)
-Focus and Productivity Goes UP
-Endurance and Vitality Go UP
-Body Fat Is Reduced
-Overall Happiness Goes UP

If you’re still wondering if it really matters, or why… it comes down to this: Stress. Your Body is constantly trying to processes Life as it works through stress and attempts to find balance. The average American’s Lifestyle is extremely stressed with little room for recovery.

Eating pesticides and poisons multiply stress like nothing else. It creates blockages in the Body leading to every dis-ease you can think of. The major issue with EATING POISON is that the body becomes confused. When the Body doesn’t know what’s happening or what to fight because the threat is INSIDE… it fights itself. This is an Auto-Immune disorder.

Pesticides will speed up this process- increasing the speed of breakdown, weakening the immune system, and decreasing the Body’s ability to heal.

Always LOOK CLOSELY at what you’re putting into your Body. It will either make you stronger or weaker. Organic food is CLEANER, so you will become stronger by eating it. Pesticides weaken the Body. Always look closely, slow down, and consciously CHOOSE.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” – Hippocrates

food medicine

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Free
Ron Barz

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PRO-Biotics And Apple Cider Vinegar

FRIENDLY BACTERIA- We need these guys for everything. Balanced Energy, healthy body weight, stress reduction, digestion, focus, and overall feelings of happiness. It’s your Gut Flora. And when it’s balanced, IT’S ALL PEACE.

Your brain is your entire Nervous System. It’s your head brain, but it also extends down into your Body… hands, feet and everything. That’s your REAL BRAIN. When this is balanced and connected, your Health, Energy, Wellbeing, Focus, and Power go WAY UP.

Now, when it comes to weight loss and getting more Energy and Focus, here’s all you have to do. This is IT. This is the Master Key. Ready? DROP your stress levels. That’s it. Everything else will follow…

Here’s how it works:

Chronically Stressed Nervous System (The American Norm)—> Low Energy, Low Focus, FAT GAIN, MUSCLE LOSS, Low Quality Sleep, Anxiety.  Sound familiar?

When you take in PRO-Biotics (foods containing healthy bacteria) and PRE-Biotics (foods that FEED those healthy bacteria), you can balance off that stress in your Nervous System.

These HEALTHY BACTERIA do everything for you…
They help digest your food for Energy and Vitamins, they heal you, eliminate toxins, produce chemicals of well-being and clarity, and help you Communicate (Connection, Intelligence, Intuition, and Creativity). This ALL happens as a result of BILLIONS of micro organisms living in your digestive tract. You’re actually more “micro-organism” than Human… for real.


If you experience poor digestion and bloating, anxiety, chronic stress, “mental blocks”, low energy, confusion, fat gain/muscle loss… it might be a sign that your Gut Flora is imbalanced.


First, get rid of the toxic foods that make the problem worse. That means all processed foods, additives, sugar, caffeine (in moderation is all good).

Then eat your PRO and PRE BIOTICS:

Pro-Biotics: Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Yogurt (natural), Kefir, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR
Pre-Biotics: Banana, Cabbage, Broccoli, Asparagus, Onion, Garlic (Anything Natural With Fiber)

In the video I recommend Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s a Pre-Biotic and it also flushes out and cleanses the system. Take in some PRO BIOTICS and Apple Cider Vinegar TWICE A DAY.

As you bring your body to balance, ACV can help flush out toxins that have accumulated over the years. As you do this your ENTIRE outlook and health with change.

Hit me with questions on any of this!





I’m WAY TOO BUSY To Eat Right (3 Solutions)

I’m WAY TOO BUSY To Eat Right

3 Solutions


Look familiar? It’s common. Everyone is busy… obligations and all types of crazy lists of things to do. And most of it is pointless. But it’s that Western Life. And when shit is that hectic, it’s unfortunately just as common to put Health on the back burner.

I talked to a couple dudes today about Training and Nutrition. One mentioned that he’s real busy and can’t find time for meal prep or grocery shopping. Convenience and snacking has taken over his Nutrition game.

Health is FIRST though. It has to be. If not, you’re not on a solid foundation. You’re not focused, energized, happy, or on your Path. Life is “ehhh, alright I guess”… and opposed to “FUCKING incredible.”

So what do you do when things get too hectic to eat right? Well first of all, cut some other things out. Obligations, people, non-productive habits, etc. Whatever you gotta do. But if you’ve done all that, you can make Nutrition a little easily and more efficient. And there are tons of ways to do this, no matter what your schedule is. Here are the 3 solutions I shared with the dudes I talked to today:



A Nutra-Bullet or Magic Bullet will work fine. And there are others. But what a juicer will do is show you that you can get a HIGH DOSE of SUPER Nutrition in 30 seconds.

If you’re rushed in the morning and can’t “make a breakfast”, do this: Take a hand full of Spinach, some Strawberries and Blueberries, Raw Cacao, half a Banana, and some Chia Seeds… toss them into your Nutra-Bullet and add some Water or unsweetened Almond Milk. Turn it on, drink, and feel the ENERGY. A mix as simple as that will leave you feeling full, energized, and ready for the day. Check out the recipes for some other ideas.  


If you work at an office and they provide snacks, bring your own food to work. Have your lunch, but also think about bringing some extra fuel. As long as it’s the RIGHT FOOD, you’re all good.

So what is the “RIGHT FOOD”?? I had a client a while back and he was having trouble staying energized and focused with all the snacks and boredom. So here’s what he did: He brought some of his morning shake (made with his juicer) to work. Then he brought some snacks. His snacks included home made trail mix: Almonds, Cashews, Dried Blueberries and Cranberries, Cacao Nibs, Cut Carrots, etc. He’d CONSISTENTLY switch it up. Humans love variety. He also kept a few hard boiled eggs in the fridge if he got real hungry.


If you’re eating a lot of sugar, Nutrition is an issue. Sugar leaves you hungry and tired. It also depletes your body of Vital Nutrients. One thing you can do to make Nutrition easier on yourself is eliminate sugar, and focus on eating JUST the following: Healthy Fats (Avocado, Almond, Olive Oil), Protein (Eggs, Fish, Chicken, Quinoa), Healthy Carbohydrates (Sweet Potato, Squash, Oats, Carrots), and TONS OF LIVING ENZYMES AND NUTRIENTS (Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Berries, Herbs).

If you eat ONLY THOSE FOODS, your body will be nourished and full for a long time. Even if you’re too busy to eat for a certain amount of time, you’ll be satisfied and powered up for the entire time.

Use those three pointers to make your Nutrition a little easier. Health shouldn’t be a task. It requires effort and some learning, but there are always ways to MAKE IT WORK. And that’s key. Whatever you WANT TO DO… find a way to make it work.

Have a fun Saturday!





Nutrition: Creating A FULL CIRCUIT

Nutrition: Creating A FULL CIRCUIT

Making an Idea… a Reality

First of all…HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope it was a productive and fun week.

Everything you’re doing and have ever done STARTS WITH AN IDEA.  Every goal you ever achieved, every action you’ve ever taken… it begins as a dream, a vision… and then you do your work to make it a Reality.

Whether you want to get absolutely RIPPED, get incredibly WEALTHY, get LAID every night, or just live the way YOU WANT TO… you have to have a Vision… and then communicate and bring it down into existence. That’s how to achieve ANY GOAL.

Your Vision and Ideas are the Unmanifest. And your task is to Manifest them… make them your reality. This type of “dreaming” activity goes on in the Upper Chakras. The Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra is where you’re able to create something that isn’t a reality… just yet, and make it a reality.

You can visualize yourself as being in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR Life… and all you have to do is translate it… bring the Energy down THROUGH THE CHAKRAS and into your Life. This means bringing Energy from your THIRD EYE and ROOTING it into the Physical.

Different foods nourish different Chakras. If you’re lacking in one area, you can eat certain foods to strengthen yourself in that area. And there is one food in particular that will nourish both your Third Eye AND your Root.

Introducing… The Purple Potato

The Purple Potato is a food that not many people are familiar with. You might say “A Potato is just a Potato.” But NAH… not even close. This Potato has some powerful properties.

ROOT vegetables nourish the ROOT Chakra with all that Earth Energy they carry. These foods will make you stronger, more confident, more stable, and resilient. The Purple Potato also nourishes the Third Eye… the area of your dreams and Vision. Purple foods carry the Energies of those that Upper Chakras.

By eating this food, you’re creating a Full Circuit where Energy can build. You’re enhancing your ability to communicate your BIG IDEAS to your PHYSICAL BODY. This type of communication enables you to make your Vision a reality.

So if you have a Vision of you with a SIX PACK… allow that Energy to flow down into each area of your Body. Eat some Purple Potatoes and strengthen the top and bottom of the circuit to bring your Vision to your Life.

Have fun this weekend. Shake things up and keep your Mind focused on WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE.

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WHEATGRASS- The Energy And Weightloss Superfood


The Energy And Weightloss Superfood


One question I get a lot as a Coach is: “Should I take Superfood supplements?” Wheatgrass is always the first superfood mentioned. This is a real good question. So here we go…
First off, remember that we don’t need many supplements. And the more on point we are with the Three Pillars (Nutrition, Physical, and Mindset), the less we need. Supplements can however help us out energetically in different areas.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience by taking Wheatgrass:

1) Weightloss
2) Increase In Energy
3) Reduction In Anxiety
4) Strengthened Root Chakra:
Groundedness, confidence, stability, etc
5) Greater clarity of Mind and focus
6) Clearer skin

That’s a lot. It’s a REAL GOOD food.

You can take Wheatgrass in powder form, but the actual plant will be better for you (just like anything else).


So you wanna drop some pounds? Go green… with everything. The way to drop body fat is to reduce inflammation and bodily stress. Period. Fat loss ALWAYS comes as a result of doing this.

One of the best ways to reduce inflammation is to consume HIGHLY alkalizing foods. There is a reason there’s so many alkalizing products and diets out there. It’s because it’s the KEY to fat loss. When your body is acidic, it (you) feel under attack… stressed. And when you’re chronically stressed, there’s a fat gain and muscle loss reaction (adrenaline/cortisol).

Wheatgrass will actually REDUCE YOUR ANGER TOO!!

agry happy

Do you get angry?! Of course you do! But do you let it flow through you? Or do you shove it down into your body? If it’s the second one, your Liver is YELLING for you to work with it.
Chlorophyll rich foods like Wheatgrass (and any other GREEN plant) will cleanse and detox your Liver. Your Liver is associated with the emotion of anger (Chinese Medicine- Liver/Anger). When energy is trapped in there, you have a lot of pent up anger. Cleansing the liver and doing EXPRESSIVE exercise will allow that energy to flow through properly.

This will let you release anger, free up some usable energy, and use it to build toward your current and future Life.

Wheat Grass and The Chakras
heart chakra

Anahata: Unstruck, Unhurt. The Heart Chakra is the center of Love and Compassion. It’s nourished by GREEN foods… like Wheatgrass.
Wheatgrass is GREEN and so is the Heart Chakra. When you detox your body with alkalizing foods, you’re bringing stress down. And when you do that, you have more space for Love. And also when you release that Liver anger we talked about, what do you feel? A little more Space and Peace, a little more Love. So it makes sense.
Muladhara: Root, Support, Base. The Root Chakra is your instinct and survival center. It’s blocked by stress and fear and opened up by Love.
The Root Chakra is RED. And it deals with your power and ability to do what you feel is best for YOU. It’s your ability to FIGHT. When you’re overrun with stress, what happens? Your attention and energy is stuck up in your head. Far away from the base of your spine… your Root.

When you’re chronically stressed, you’re ungrounded. Wind can push you over. Dropping stress and RELEASING some anger puts you in command of your body and your Life.

So Wheatgrass nourishes the Heart directly and helps cleanse the body. But it also nourishes your Root Chakra indirectly by enhancing feels of safety and Power. Take some wheatgrass if you need to take back some of your Power in Life.

Hit me up if you questions about Wheatgrass or ANYTHING else. Stay strong and keep your Mind focused on what you want in Life.

My Mom sent me this quote the other day: “I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.”- Henry Moore

He was an English sculptor… powerful quote. When you wake up and when you go to bed, focus on what you’re doing to progress and grow. Look at your goals and find the spots that need to be tuned up. Elevation is a DAILY HABIT… not something tried out on New Year’s.







Friday Food & Nutrition:


As a trainer and coach, there’s one statement I hear ALL the time. “I can’t afford it.”

This goes for Training, Nutrition, and Personal Growth. There’s a cost associated with increase our health.

I was reading Dave Aspreys “Bulletproof Cookbook” and came across a paragraph I’d like to share…

It was something to the effect of “People complain about the cost of high quality food. But they don’t take into consideration the high cost of medical bills connected to eating low quality food. Not to mention the health and high quality of life from healthy foods.”

Nutrition Habits & Your Root:

Your Root Chakra is your BASE. Your foundation. And there is one thing to really zero in on with this topic:

– If your foundation is built on HIGH QUALITY FOOD… things will be good. If not… things will be bad.

Plain and simple. When we’re rooted into our Life through high quality food… it’s all Peace.

Here’s how it works when working on that Base… that Root… in terms on Nutrition.

1) Spend more on high quality nutrition.

2) Medical bills… present and future go way down… and will actually vanish completely l.

3) Quality of life, health, fun, energy all go WAY UP.

4) You get to share that and do the things you’re meant to and want to.

BONUS: You lose weight and look great.

The winter time is a time of “pulling in”… it’s the Yin part of the year. Use this time to look at some core/base beliefs and habits… especially with Nutrition. Build your foundation on HIGH POWER.

Have fun this weekend. Get crazy, do your thing. And stay focused on WHAT YOU WANT on Life!



Friday Food And Nutrition: Your Pre Workout Meal And POWER Drink!

Friday Food And Nutrition:

Your Pre Workout Meal And Power Drink!


I’ve been getting  a lot of questions on Pre Workout Meals recently. “What do I eat before a workout?” “How much do I eat?” So that’s the focus of this week’s Food and Nutrition piece. I’m also throwing in an easy recipe for a Pre and Intra Workout Power Drink… one I’ve been sharing with clients recently for an extra boost in the gym. 

When it comes to Pre Workout Nutrition, there are a lot of ideas and information out there. What to eat and how much to eat can be confusing if you don’t know much about Nutrition and Athletic Performance. I’m giving you the PRE WORKOUT MEAL- 1.5 to 2 hours before your workout.

Friday Food & Nutrition Video:


There’s a meal I’ve been having for years. I ate this a lot when I was Bodybuilding and I still use it now- essentially it’s just a HIGH POWER meal that’ll get you crushing your workouts.

Eat this meal anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours before your workout to give your body time to process everything. Make sure you slow down as you eat and after. Don’t stress and rush around! This hurts your digestion and keeps you from absorbing all the power in the meal.

To make it easy, I’m giving you a list of foods to choose from. All you have to do is choose from each category. Ready?

THE Pre Workout Meal

*Fats/Protein: Almonds, Avocados, Fish, or a little of each.

*Carbohydrate: Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, or both.

*Nutrients: Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, or all three.

For the next couple hours, your body will break these foods down and deliver you that JUICE. Your whole system will be nourished, you’ll be focused, and ready to go.

The POWER Drink

Stay away from Powerade and Gatorade. It’s artificial and inflammatory. This hurts performance, recovery, and your Nervous System.

Grab a Lemon, a Lime, Himalayan Sea Salt, and Raw, Organic Honey. Mix these together with warm water. Shake it up and sip before, during, and after your workout. The Electrolytes will keep you hydrated and focused. The simple sugars will give you some extra fuel too.

When your body is dehydrated, your brain sends out stress signals. This causes distraction and decreases your performance. Use this Power Drink to increase your focused and stay on point during your workout.

It’s Friday so have relax, have a fun weekend, and most importantly- stay focused on WHAT YOU WANT.


Friday Food & Nutrition: Potent Post Workout COMBO!

Friday Food & Nutrition: Potent Post Workout COMBO


When it comes to post workout nutrition, there is one aim: To recover as QUICKLY as possible.

You always want to choose the foods that will nourish and rebuild your body stronger than it was before.

In order for your body to heal and recover after a workout, your Nervous System has to switch from “Fight or Flight” to “Rest and Relax”.

The problem most people run into is the Nervous System never gets a chance to switch fully into “Rest and Relax”. And this causes huge problems. It slows down post workout recovery and disallows FULL healing. This means less frequent and WEAKER workouts.

Nutritional healing is extremely beneficial in getting you into that restful state where the healing takes place. The body can heal itself, but it has to be COMPLETELY relaxed.

So if you go from working out, to a stressful job, to a stressful relationship, to watching the news, to eating toxic foods… your body is in CONSTANT BREAKDOWN. This is bad for reasons that extend WAY past workout recovery.

In the video below I go over two powerful foods you can eat post workout that will accelerate your recovery…

The Lemon and The Banana

1) HYDRATION: Electrolytes help balance the water in your body. Without electrolytes, we become dehydrated. And after a workout, you’ve lost alot of water (as long as you WENT IN!). Here’s why hydration is important for recovery: Your brain senses dehydration and sends out stress signals (cortisol and adrenalin). These are the Fight or Flight hormones that increased during your workout. If you don’t hydrate, they stay high… leading to SLOW recovery, weaker muscles, and MORE body fat. Lemons and Bananas are good sources of Potassium and Magnesium… two powerful electrolytes.

2) REFUELING MUSCLES: After your workout, your muscles are BEGGING for Amino Acids and nutrients. Eating a Banana post workout will cause an insulin spike… which allows  Amino Acids and nutrients to be shuttled into your muscles. This feeds them, pulls you into an ANABOLIC State (Muscle Building), tells your Nervous System you’re fed (helping RELAXATION) and allows your muscles to rebuild stronger than they were before the workout.

Keep Pushing Forward This Weekend.