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Goals Take Time (Water Them)

Goals Take Time

(Water Them)


A lot of questions have been coming up about breaking through plateaus and getting results quicker. A lot of times they’re about the frustration that comes along with not hitting goals quickly enough. We live in a “have it now” society, so it’s real easy to fall into this trap:

1) Set your fitness goal
2) See some results
3) Hit a plateau
4) Get pisssed about it
5) Quit

Working on this farm has taught, and continues to teach me a lot. And one of the most helpful lessons I keep learning is this:

“Be patient. Crops don’t grow overnight. Water them and care for them over time.”

When you set your Fitness goal, you’re planting a seed. It’s just an idea that COULD become something. Just like the farmer plants a crop. The seed has the intention of becoming something. YOU have the intention of being in shape, strong, healthy, and happy. The crop seed has the intention to become a strong plant that produces fruit.

When you plant that seed… that idea… You gotta remember- you’re the farmer in that greenhouse. You’re taking trips out to it every day to make sure the conditions are right. This means taking an active approach in your Fitness, learning, and enjoying the process.

This is why I have clients read up on specific subjects, learn, and talk about them. The aim is to BECOME the process- just like the farmer caring for the crop.

The Farmer’s Art

The Farmer has a routine with those crops he planted (the ones above take a short time… about 90 days). He goes out and adjusts temperatures, turns water on and off, checks the soil, pulls weeds, etc. He’s making sure that when the plant really starts growing, the surrounding conditions are just right.

So when you feel like you’re not seeing results or making progress, CONTINUE practicing. Keep learning about Exercise, Nutrition, and all those Mindset techniques. Stay involved in the process and find ways to enjoy it. Why? Well, if you don’t, you’ll quit.

 The best food is grown organically, over the course of months, with proper care. This is how you get the BEST results. And the farmer knows this- with patience, consistency, care, and awareness, the farmer gets nutrition food from a tiny seed he planted MONTHS ago.


Fitness is fitness. If you get that six pack, you’ll have reached a goal… but you’ll set another one. If you achieve that perfect physique, same thing. What makes a difference is that process you underwent to get there and how much you enjoyed it.

Take pride in your fitness journey and love it all- the times you’re making progress AND the times you’re not. Keep learning and getting better. As long as you practice that, you’ll keep yourself motivated and inspired.



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Try A New Exercise This Week

Try A New Exercise This Week

It’s real easy to stick with the same exercise routine every day or every week. To keep doing those same movements that you know so well. Same thing goes with that nutrition plan and daily activities.

Now, it’s good to have a set routine, but without variety, we can become bored. Motivation can go out the window because we’re no longer challenging ourselves. Muscle growth can stop and we can easily lose a lot of that hard earned progress…

When we learn something new- an exercise, a skill, a hobby, etc… motivation goes flying up. The Mind/Body becomes engaged and energy increases. Things become fun again. This is where your overall progress starts back up.

“What Should I Change Up?”

If you’re doing the same thing in the gym every day, just change it up A LITTLE and note how you feel AFTER the workout.

For exmple: If you always do cardio, try some strength training:

Simple Strength Training

1 Set of Bench Press or Pushups
2 Sets of Body Weight or Barbell Squats
1 Sets of Bent Over Rows

That right there is a very simple change that’ll do wonders for your energy, motivation, and Body.

Another simple change up would be to spend one day doing Yoga, deep breathing, stretching and mobility exercises. These help with recovery which will get you feeling refreshed and renewed for your next workout.


You can also take a little time to learn a brand new exercise or way of training. Ask a trainer at your gym or do some research on a new training method. The simple act of asking and then engaging in that unfamiliar process will get you excited, motivated, and focused on your fitness progress.

When we learn something new- especially something that scares us- confidence levels go up. New neural synapses and connections are created in the brain and we feel a deep sense of empowerment and satisfaction.

If you REALLY, REALLY want to get your motivation and energy up, choose an exercise or new way of training that’s way outside your comfort zone. This will boost you up and get you feeling incredible.


Confidence is a huge part of my training and coaching philosophy. I take a lot of time to train my clients to:

1) Come in excited, eager to workout and learn new skills.
2) To engage fully and enjoy the process of working out.
3) To leave feeling on top of the world. CONFIDENT as ever.

If you’re not feeling engaged and confident, it’s time to switch things up a bit. Try that new exercise this week. Ask someone to teach you a new skill. Get excited. All of this increases the energy and the strength of your Body!!


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MAINTAIN MOMENTUM: Travel & Get Stronger


Travel & Get Stronger

AW YEAH. There’s a set of questions and common sticking point that comes up all the time- and it involves losing progress. Specifically on vacation.

Here the basic issue: “I get frustrated with myself when I lose progress over vacation. Then it takes a while for me to get back on track when vacation is over…”

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To answer this set of questions, I recorded a video while I was in Maine. In the video, I go over the ONE thing you can do to completely overcome this common obstacle.

If your vacation involves lack of exercise and crazy, care free eating… it’s all good. But if that causes guilt and frustration when you lose progress, you gotta work with it.

And luckily, it’s easy to work with. Here it is: Use the Lever Effect. 

The Lever Effect is the coaching method I use to show you how to change just ONE habit or part of your day in order to create big change and make progress…

When you’re on vacation, you can do exactly that- just choose ONE thing that’s in line with your fitness goals.

For General Fitness:

- Jog in the morning
– Meditate at night
– Visualize and write out your goals
– Drink a lot of water


There’s a Flow State you can reach when you work toward your goals AND enjoy the process. Doing this on vacation will give you a gigantic sense of fulfilment…

At the end of the day, we’re after progress right? We want our hard work to pay off. It’s good to not give a fuck on vacation (and in general), but if it’s gonna cause that progress train to stop, use that remedy: Just discipline yourself to do ONE thing in alignment with your goals. Practicing that discipline will also help you to work with and improve other areas of your Life.

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Juice For The Journey

Juice For The Journey

While I was training my client Byron, I noticed something. He was pushing a sled, sweating a bit and we were having a casual conversation. We were talking about something stupid…laughing.

He was EASILY pushing a little under 200lbs. Two months ago, 200lbs was COMPLETELY out of the question.

Awareness of Progress:

When I brought that to his attention he was shocked. He realized that 2 months ago he could only push about 100lbs. INSTANT SPARK and change in energy.

For most people, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But I get deep and I’m obsessed with these concepts and really seeing them in action. As he became aware of his own progress in that very moment, his mindset (and Body) completely changed during our workout. It brought our workout up a few notches. And that makes all the difference…

 This is why the THLR Axiom “Awareness of Progress builds confidence, momentum, and drive” holds true.

When you take a second and notice that your hard work is paying off, you’ll find yourself filled with energy to workout harder, longer and more focused. 

Recognition… To Keep Going:

I feel like we all need some recognition for our hard work. BUT… the recognition should come in this form: “Look, you’re doing some good shit here. Great work. KEEP IT GOING and dig even deeper. Go even harder.” I think we need both sides of that to keep improving.

The recognition should allow you to see that you’re capable of creating change, that your hard work is paying off, and that you do have that power to keep moving toward that goal you set.

Progress Points:

Set up a progress point for yourself today. Take a photo, write down your weight, and write a quick note about how you feel about your overall fitness. This is your point A.

Then set your goal and get to work knowing you’ll be looking at today’s photo in about 12 weeks… realizing and really feeling good about the fact that you worked your ass off to achieve your goal.


Your greatest joy in working out will come from seeing that you set a crazy goal at one point and you’re steadily moving toward it. That you challenged yourself to become stronger and you’re doing it. Seeing your new body and level of strength… and being humbled by the fact that what you do now was at one point a distant dream…

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Energy Work- Finding True Self


Energy Work- Finding True Self

Happiness, health, flow, openness to experience, vitality. ALL that stuff. Where does it come from? We all want it, but how and where do we get it. (Possible) Answer: It all comes from tapping your “True Self”.

(The above photo is from a 12 hour workshop I went to called “Finding True Self” through Body And Brain Yoga.)

Overall, the workshop was dope. INCREDIBLE energy work and insightful topics- dynamic meditations, chanting, singing, dancing. All that.


During the workshop, we talked about some different topics, but in more of a FEELING than in a thinking way.

The “True Self”, according to tradition is associated with feeling, not thinking. It’s your essence. It’s flow. It’s creative and expressive. It’s fuckin POWERFUL. On the other hand, there’s the “you” that you’ve become familiar with through years of conditioning. This, they refer to as the “false self”. It’s associated with limitation, stuckness, stagnation, and repressed emotion.

“Finding True Self” was all about tapping into that greater, unlimited self and building a relationship with it. This is what THLR and Ron Barz are all about- finding more and more about the true you, working with it, and cultivating it over time. Breaking through limitation and really tapping into your power and talent.

You can tap this greater self in a number of ways, and here are some of the best:

- Let yourself flow with your creative work. Writing, music, dance, painting, whatever you choose.
– Body Work- Exercise, dynamic meditation, massage.
– FEELING your heart and soul- what is it trying to express and how?
– Getting away from every day routine and doing something that excites you.

That all sounds easy, but it can be somewhat difficult for people. Here’s why:

We’re generally conditioned to repress emotion instead of expressing it. There’s alot of judgement and not a lot of “safe places” where a human being can really feel free. We’re taught more to think and analyze without honoring heart and soul. And that’s where the blockages are…


…but fuck all that.

Exercise. Eastern Philosophy. Music. Three practices I gravitate toward for this very reason. To EXPRESS and continue to build a relationship with myself on a deep level.

1) We absolutely need movement. We evolved through movement. It helps keeps us healthy and strong. It allows us to “unblock” that stuck energy and emotion from every day life.

2) Music and sound give us a voice for expression.

3) Ideas associated with Eastern Philosophy gives us the comfort of knowing it’s okay to do that. It’s natural and that other way just doesn’t work. So yo… move and express yourself. Always.

One other thing: DO NOT allow yourself to be boxed in. Never allow people, situations, or your old conditioning to get in the way of what you truly want. This bocks your “True Self”.

Express yourself through movement and sound. It’s a power practice. You don’t have to go to a 12 hour seminar. You can do it every day when you wake up. Just move and make sound. This is in your natural human Blueprint.

So you wanna have energy and feel happy? Energy and happiness comes from expression, not repression. Feel those emotions, all of them. The amazing gifts and things you’re grateful for, along with the heart ache, sadness, pain and grief. Fuck it. All of it. That’s life. Let it flow.


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Your UNIQUE Transformation

Your UNIQUE Transformation

You ever seen those commercials that show people’s transformations? A before and after picture- the after picture showing abs and a completely shredded body, 6 pack abs and all…

These transformation ads can do one of two things to you. They can fuel you to keep going after your goals and push even harder. Or they can get you completely frustrated, wanting to quit on the spot.

Questions and concerns about the “transformation” come up alot. But here’s what you absolutely have to remember: Your transformation is UNIQUE. It’s completely up to you and your own vision. Your own speed, your own style. Your own level of dedication.

When we set a goal, we’re asking to be challenged in order to attain something. We begin seeing changes and get even more excited, but then that road block can come up along the way- seeing someone else’s progress or results and getting frustrated. Being aware of this little trap can be the difference between you continuing with full force or completely stopping.


As a coach and supporter of your progress, I’m gonna ask you to do something: APPRECIATE the shit out of your mini transformations. The small changes that come up as a result of your daily focus, dedication, and persistence. That 1 pound dropped… that new nutritional habit that gives you energy.

These “Mini Transformations” continue over time and eventually add up to a “Major Transformaton”... just like the ones you see on TV. Now, your transformation may or may not involve a 6 pack. It might involve muscle mass. But if you stick to the script, your transformation will be UNIQUE to you. And this is the best part. It’s YOURS.

Stay on your path and remember why you started. Stay in that flow state and continuously make progress… little by little, day by day. When you notice little changes in your physique, mindset, or abilities- be grateful for them and keep building on them. You’ll astound yourself over time.

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“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” -Thomas Jefferson

Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP

Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP

Aw Yeah, Aw Yeah. What’s really good? Barz here to start this week off with you. Today we got a 3 Part Workout to build Strong, Powerful Legs (check out the 3 Part Chest Workout too).

We all like training to cut fat, get strong and look sexy right? That stuff is cool and absolutely motivating. But it’s that  inner development part that really packs a punch. The transformative aspect of training.

The gist of THLR Body/Mind Training is this: Understanding that the way you train teaches you and helps you develop different aspects of yourself…

THLR Body/Mind Training for legs:

1) Stability/Balance/Slow Breath Strength: Bosu Ball Squat Holds. People learn to stay cool, focused, and relaxed under pressure through this practice. It teaches you how to solve problems for the long term and literally “balance things out”. This method is also good for active rest and recovery.

2) Progressive Strength Training: Barbell Squats. Progressive overload teaches people how to handle more and more pressure over time. You’re literally “standing up” with weight on your back. You RISE UP stronger through life stressor that push down on you. See the connections?

3) Explosive/Power Work: Weighted Jump Squats. People begin going at life problems and situations more pro actively through Explosive Training. They begin feeling more empowered. Your inner fire will burn BRIGHT as you not only push through resistance… but EXPLODE through it.

Check out Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP….

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“A tree can only grow as strong and tall as it’s roots allow”… ever heard sayings like that? Your Legs are your foundation. They’re what you stand on every day. They’re your root system.


The stronger and more powerful your legs are, the more confident you will be. Use the above workout as a template and FEEL yourself developing those inner aspects as you do each movement. Visualize yourself becoming more confident, more resilient, and more powerful with each exercise. This creates a massive shift in your own beliefs about yourself.

Keep working and progressing. Your hard work and dedication will pay off. 

3 Signs: It’s Time To Change Your Sh*t Up

3 Signs: It’s Time To Change Your Sh*t Up


Here’s the deal. As you continue on in your Health and Fitness journey, you need structure. A set of guidelines… a road map. This can be a simple 3 day a week workout plan with the workouts written out.

BUT! This structure has to be FLEXIBLE AND ADAPTABLE. What this means is you need something that gives you room to breathe and you gotta be willing and able to TRY NEW THINGS.

Having an adaptable workout/health plan keeps you focused and moving toward your goals- like a fuckin machine. But being able to adapt and change with it will keep you engaged, motivated and allow you to change it up or rest when your Body needs it. This is what keeps your progress moving when you hit plateaus and sticking points..

To sum that up:
STRUCTURE: Keeps you in line with your goals. Focused like a machine.
FLEXIBILITY/ADAPATABLITY: Keeps you engaged, energized and motivated to break plateaus.

It’s easy to get stuck on your workouts, so check out the video for the week. Here, you’ll learn about 3 signs saying you need to get out of your current routine. These signs are your Body’s way of saying “Pull back a bit or change things up”.

Here are the 3 signs that mean “change things up”…

1) Aches, re-injuries, chronic fatigue: Feeling beat down and hurt. A lot of pain in the Body.
2) Lack of motivation: No willpower to go the gym or exercise.
3) Plateaus and sticking points: Weights, reps, scale all staying the same.

When you experience any of these, pull back and practice LISTENING to your Body. When you do this, you’ll hear exactly what it needs. Sometimes it’s a different style of training, sometimes it’s yoga, breathing and restorative work, sometimes it’s 3 or 4 days off from the gym.

Whatever it needs, work WITH IT. This is the difference between busting through a plateau and staying stuck where you are.

I want to leave this with you for the week: Building a lean, sexy body is a huge motivator. Getting laid more and feeling confident at the beach is motiving too. What’s even more motivating is the reward you get from disciplining yourself to focus on a goal that YOU SET FOR YOURSELF. To go beyond and overcome the obstacles that once stood in your way. When we train together, we’re changing our lives. We’re going from “what we thought we were” to “what we knew we could one day become”. THIS is where the juice is.



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Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Uh Huh. Aw Yeah.

Monday, Monday, Monday… Wait, it doesn’t matter what fckin’ day it is. Remain a champion.

Today I’m highlighting a real THLR Champion. Before I get into it though, I’m gonna say this…quote me on this until I’m dead: The ONLY thing holding you back from achieving your goals is fear of change. Once you get over that fear, you’ll amaze yourself.

When I started training Kaitlin, I kept reminding her of this. Her goal was to get healthy and lose some weight. My goal was to give her the tools to develop her power. To draw out her inner champion. 

Kaitlin was dedicated to changing her life and as a result, lost 30lbs. She’s healthier and stronger than ever and her mindset has changed- she’s now a confident individual who KNOWS what she’s capable of.

Check out Kaitlin’s transformation…


She’s not done. She now sees that it’s her CHOICE to create her body, health, and life.


Her “fitness journey” was fun and empowering. Not some boring, difficult struggle like many people believe.

THLR training involves finding FLOW. When you find your Flow State to improve your body, health and life… you FLOURISH. You stay intrinsically motivatedWhat this means: In short, you do not stop.

“Champions are not made in the gym. They’re made from something deep inside them.” – Ali

Kaitlin tapped into “something” during her 30lb journey. She found a new way of living. The inner champion. The muthafuckin inner badass. The razor sharp edge that cuts through all limit and doubt. That’s what YOU gotta tap into if you want to make anything new happen.

As Kaitlin continues on, remember, she’s the same as you, me and everyone else. We all have a choice at every moment:
Settle for limited belief OR tap into that inner champion. 

Take this week by the face and throw it up against the fuckin’ wall. Your life is in your hands.

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WTF Is Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training?!

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WTF Is Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training?!

A Useful Energetic Fitness Workout

Ay! It’s your boy Barz. Today I’m sharing a form of training that has unlimited benefits. Literally, unlimited. Fat loss, increased strength and stability, focus, decreased stress… you name it.

I call it Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training. Ha! If you know me, you know my background in Eastern practice and sharing the benefits of these toolkits…

Use this workout as a way to switch up your routine and feel the benefits associated. I have clients use this style of training  in the following scenarios:

-They feel tired from TOO MUCH working out
-Their overall focus levels are low. They need a reset
-They’ve hit a plateau in their training
-They feel stressed and regular meditation just isn’t cutting it

Before I get into what it’s all about, check out the video…


It’s real easy to get in the gym, breathe fast, throw some weights up and then leave. It’s a whole nutha story to perform EXTRA slow movements- FEELING your muscles working. Fiber by fiber.

Slow movements in the gym build your MIND-MUSCLE connection. This is a KEY to fitness and building a strong, sexy body. The better you can control and command your muscles to do work- the more in shape you’ll be.

The deep breathing involved in this workout helps in a number of ways. Increased oxygen nourishes the brain, relieves stress and enhances performance.

The increased oxygen intake will boost your metabolism as well… so pairing this style of workout with your  normal high intensity routine will BLAST the fat off your body.

Use this workout as a form of dynamic meditation. The short term and long term benefits will change your life.



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