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**Remember this: Garbage In, Garbage Out. FEED YOURSELF VALUABLE INFORMATION.

Break Through Your Plateau (Playground Flow)

Break Through Your Plateau (Playground Flow)

Aww Yeah. Barz here. Are you experiencing a plateau in your fitness training? Zero progress or a lack of motivation? Feeling like training is some type of task you have to wrestle with instead of something that rejuvenates you?

Believe it or not, the fitness journey is NOT about that at all. Alot of people have this idea that  it should be a diffcult struggle. THLR is all about breaking through that myth- showing ways to find your OWN FLOW that allows you to continue progressing without falling flat or losing your hard earned progress.

So what do you do when you’ve hit a plateau and you feel frustrated and bored with your routine?

The most basic way to put it is like this: SHAKE THINGS UP. Sounds simple, but so many people struggle with it.

I have 3 clients right now who are shifting into a new workout program or training method for this very reason. We’re developing new exercises and mindset techniques to address the lack of motivation and get  “unstuck”….NATURALLY driving up energy and fitness results.

Check out this video with me and my man Dave. If you need to break through a plateau and regain some momentum, feel free to mimic this workout….

Here we used our creativity to build a short workout. NO SET ROUTINE, NO GUIDELINES. It’s just: Get creative and let your body MOVE. That’s it.

This Mindset will help you quickly break through any plateau you find yourself stuck at….


Go WIld

Read any book on Evolutionary Biology and you’ll see this: WE’RE WIRED FOR VARIETY. Especially when it comes to movement.

So if you are feeling bored or frustrated with your routine, it’s your brilliant Human Nature that’s urging you to CHANGE IT UP!


I work directly with clients and groups to change routines up, but as a general idea: Just choose an activity you don’t normally do and do it for a while. This could be extra Yoga or stretching, hiking, or dancing. In the gym, go from Strength Training to Balance And Stability for a few days.

Often times it takes just 2 or 3 days of some new shit to show you the next step in your fitness journey as your motivation and energy go WAY, WAY UP.

For more guidance on this topic, feel free to hit me directly.

Until next time…

Keep Progressing,




Broken Butterfly- A Spiritual Poem

Broken Butterfly- A Spiritual Poem


By Joelle Valente

This poem by Joelle Valente will give you a boost. This is one I read from time to time to remind myself of my strength.

Words and ideas change lives- especially when they’re read with emotion. Read this poem and really feel what the author is saying.

Some of my favorite lines here:
“Press on… to more positive things.”
“Your colors become vibrant as you change course.”
“Sail through the wind until you find your way.”

However difficult this point in time is, re-member: You’re being challenged to gain new perspective and strength. This is ALWAYS the case.

A challenge involves a goal (go-all). You set a goal a long time ago and this is part of achieving it. Go-all out and roll forward. 

Hoping you find strength in this.

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There are two parts to killin’ shit.

1) The FIRE that comes from knowing you can get better, work harder, be more focused. It’s the part that says “I want more”.

fire passion

2) The confidence and motivation that comes from looking at what you’ve done and the progress you’ve made (Awareness Of Progress). This is the part that says “Damn, look what I’ve achieved. I GOT IT.”

Combine these two and you’re unstoppable.

I remind clients all the time of their progress. I see it, note it, even show them proof that they’ve dont way more than they thought they were capable of. They’ll still say “ehhh…” and almost cut themselves down.

Where Does This Come From?

Who knows. But somewhere along the road you learned to dull your own shine. Maybe someone was jealous and cut you down. Or maybe you think if you get too comfortable you won’t work as hard.

Re-Cognize the fact that you’ve worked your ass off. You’ve stayed focused and you’re only getting stronger. SEE THAT AND FEEL IT.  Then say “I’m not finished yet. I want more.”

*******Your Brain will start telling you to work out if you FEEL GOOD while you’re doing it. And you feel good when you KNOW you’re making progress.*******

All ya’ll focused on your goals, getting better by the day. Here you go. PUT IN THAT WORK AND KEEP IT ROLLIN’.

Proud and grateful for every single one of you. 

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Get In The Zone (3 Steps)

Get In The Zone (3 Steps)

Morning routines. Are they important? 

To answer some questions about morning routines, here’s what I’ve found regarding this practice.

FIrst of all, morning routines are EXTREMELY helpful. The main reason is this: Your first 10 minutes create a domino effect. Plain and simple. Start your day with a free, abundant mentality, and your day reflects that. You want to be in a state of creation and response… not reaction.


Book-ending is a Power Practice. There are two parts of your day that you have 100% control over. First thing in the morning before the craziness of the world grabs you up….and then again late at night. Use these times to focus on creating your day and what makes you happy, moving forward.

Getting In The Zone (3 Steps)

If you study happy, highly effective impactful people, you’ll notice one thing: They all have morning routines. They all prime themselves and get in the zone first thing in the morning.

Check out Tony Robbins: A good guy and resource for the art of priming and morning routines.

 There’s a very powerful three step approach to getting in the zone. This is what  I’m currently using and what a couple clients of mine are finding real helpful for progress.

1) Water. First thing in the morning…Agua!


Why? We dry up a over night. When we are low on water, the brain sends off stress signals to prompt us to hydrate. The problem is, most people go straight for coffee in the morning. This creates MORE stress. And you can’t create in this state. Drink water a glass of clean water as soon as you wake up.

2) Movement. The type of movement can vary, but you gotta move.


Why? We get a surge of Energy as soon as we wake up. If we block that Energy, stress levels go up and you’ll feel tired and anxious during your day.Let that Energy flow through by moving. Dance, stretch, jog, or walk.

The Brain develops through movement and exercise. It makes us smarter. This is an evolutionary thing. Moving in the morning will allow you to think clearly and creatively.

3) Mindset Work. This also varies person to person, but every morning routine needs some mindset work.


Why? If you can’t see the target, you can’t hit it. If you don’t know what you’re creating, how can you create it? What are you doing today and why?

Meditation, visualization and gratitude are all beneficial. Gratitude increases your health, Energy levels and clarity. It clears up head space, relaxes the body, and allows you to visualize your day.

Here’s a further breakdown of morning routines and the power of starting your day off in the Zone…

Enjoy your Life by creating powerful days starting with a solid morning routine. Just imagine where you’ll be a year from now if you start every day from a POWER POSITION.

I’ll leave you with this quote for the week that made me go “OH SHIT”…

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”- Carl Sagan

Is he talking about U?

Keep it rollin and remember, this is YOUR SUMMER.

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Pele’s Says Love What You Do

Pele’s Says Love What You Do


“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing and learning to do.” – Pele

Ay. Whutchu doin today? It’s Monday. You goin’ to work? School?

The more important question is: Are you in love with what you’re doing or learning?

This is the most important question to ask yourself and here’s why: If you don’t love what you’re doing or learning… you’re not gonna fuckin’ do it. Right?


If you’re doing something for no reason, with no gas behind it… you’re drained. Like this kid above.

Instead, take somethng you love getting better at and just do it. Then take another thing you love doing and do that too.


Like these two above. Happy to excel. Or just posing for a picture. You get what I’m saying though.

We are wired to feel REAL good when we progress in something we love. When we learn new skills and make new connections. It’s survival. And to take it a step further, doing what you Love makes your Body healthier and stronger (Gratitude is a big part of this).

Take a pro active approach and let your fire burn. Then find a way to help people with it. Even if what you’re doing and learning just makes you smile… you’re helping people who are sad. And they’re only sad because… they chose not to do what they love. Funny, right?

That’s it. The minute you say “I LOVE DOING THIS RIGHT HERE. But…”, it’s all over. Take it upon yourself to live passionately.

This is YOUR Summer. 

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-Ron Barz

Playing Nice? WHAT?!

play hard thlr


Playing Nice? WHAT?!

See Kobe’s face? WOW. You know what that is? That’s ENERGY… UNLEASHED. That’s PASSION. That’s AGGRESSION.

You know what Kobe did to achieve his highest goal? He said repeatedly said “I’m NOT playing nice.”

The funny thing is that this Energy is the same stuff you’re made of it. That’s right. Kobe was just extremely good at tapping into it and LETTING IT GO.

Tapping in and letting go… that’s what I teach people to do as a coach.

You see, there’s one pattern that comes up ALL THE TIME when working with people on Health, Energy, and… you know, all that Life stuff.

Here it is: 
1) You want to change your Life. Be more, do more, have more.
2) You’re afraid of change, failure, and what other people will think.
3) You feel unworthy of a better Life so you stifle yourself.
4) You unconsciously decide to PLAY NICE and settle for less.

“I’m fine, I guess.” “Things are okay the way they are.” No. What do YOU want? Really. You deserve to live the Life you’ve decided on.

play nice

This one pattern seems to be the root cause of SO MANY issues for us. It’s this conditioned cycle that causes us to stay in the exact same situation and circumstances we’re trying to evolve out of.

The Safe Zone:

Playing nice keeps you in the safe zone, and when you’re in that zone, there is no change. Remember, without CHALLENGE, there’s no CHANGE. 

When you go JUST beyond your current limits, pushing the envelope, you can create a flow state.  The flow state keeps you moving in an upward spiral…feeling strong and confident on way toward your goals. You become more energized as your intrinsic (internal) motivation grows.

Something as simple as going for 15 pushups instead of 10… can create that flow state.

This “flow state” is what Daniel Coyle calls the sweet spot in “The Talent Code”...

“The sweet spot: that productive, uncomfortable terrain located just beyond our current abilities, where our reach exceeds our grasp. Deep practice is not simply about struggling; it’s about seeking a particular struggle, which involves a cycle of distinct actions.”- Daniel Coyle (The Talent Code)

talent code

Make The Switch:

Remember this week, you’re worth WAY more that settling. If you want better Health and a better Body, get aggressive about it. Make that switch. Take that step forward.

If you want to bring your Life up a notch and make it more passionate, more exciting, go HARD at it. You can’t play nice and expect results.

So let me ask you, where’s that natural Power you have? I want to see, feel, and hear you this week. The version of you that comes out when the Rocky Theme is on.

Remember, this is YOUR Summer. 

Get at me on Facebook and post your Health and Fitness questions right on my wall. I’ll get back to you with support and guidance!

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Your Lever (How to Easily Create Massive Change)

lever article

How to Easily Create Massive Change

Aww yeah aww yeah…It’s been a crazy week and weekend- linked up with some cool people, had  a bunch of POWERFUL coaching sessions (big shout out to all my clients), and got a lot of creative work done. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

Before we hit your Lever, where are you at with your fitness? Have you been moving your Body enough?

I remind clients of this all the time: All you gotta do is COMMIT TO MOVING (health benefits of staying active)You DO NOT have to do crazy work outs every day.  Just get up, move, stretch, walk, run, dance… whatever you want. If you need a quick, easy workout, do the challenge I put up last week.

Now, onto that Lever idea.

“The Lever” is a HUGE part of my coaching method. It’s the simplest way to make progress in your Health and Fitness.

YOUR personal Lever is one part of your daily routine that, when tweaked a bit, creates MASSIVE change in your Life. When you identify your Lever and work with it, you’ll be ASTOUNDED at how quickly things change.

Think of how a lever works: It allows you to lift get a job done quicker and more efficiently… and with less effort.

Why It’s So Effective:

The Lever method solves the one BIG problem people face in Health, Fitness, and Personal Development…

You want some change, realize how much there is to be done, then you try to do EVERYTHING AT ONCE. You become overwhelmed, discouraged and burnt out. You eventually stop trying, thinking you’re just destined to stay the way you are. Sound familiar?


“Habits…emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort.” (Power of Habit)

So we make it easy and go with Nature: THE LEVER allows us to wipe out everything that COULD be changed, and focus on just ONE aspect (saving effort and energy) that naturally improves several other areas. And THIS is how you create change.

An Example of the Lever approach:

Nutrition: Let’s say I eat cereal, bagels, and I drink orange juice for breakfast.
Problem: I’m tired all day, can’t focus, and I crash HARD at 2pm. I’m also putting on fat.
I tweak my Nutrition a bit: I start eating Eggs with veggies instead. And I drink water or Green Tea.

The Result:

1) My Energy goes way up and it’s sustained throughout the day (no 2pm crash).
2) My focus level goes up at work and overall.
3) My workouts get better and I lose weight because my blood sugar is stable.
4) I’m happier, healthier, and more productive.

Just by changing 1 thing, I’ve revolutionized my entire day… and done over a period of time… MY ENTIRE LIFE. See the simplicity and the domino effect?

Finding Yours:

Can you see your Lever? Don’t go crazy trying to find it, just ask yourself one question:

“If there’s ONE simple habit I could break or build that’d change my state of Health, freedom, or my level of happiness in my Life… what would it be?”

If you’re having trouble, here are some recent Levers that have come up in sessions: 
– Develop a morning routine or daily ME time.
– 15 minute Meditation once a day.
– Short morning exercise session.
– No processed food.
– Walk after big meals.

If you find several potential Levers, just pick one of them. Even if it’s not the most powerful one, you’re still changing a habit which will bring positive results.

Homework This Week

1) Keep hammering in this concept: Progress builds momentum and confidence.This has been HUGE for a lot of you guys recently and it’s definitely something to stick by. We need progress to feel good- set a goal, challenge yourself, change through it, and become aware of your progress. You will only improve.

2) Look for your Lever. See if you can find that one habit or part of your day that you can work with to see other areas improve effortlessly. When we identify a Lever in a session and then focus on it for 2 weeks, the results are UNREAL. And that realization and AHA moment where someone sees their growth and real potential… it’s indescribable.

And I’m leaving you with this inspiring quote for the week:


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Outdoor Fitness Is KING. Try This Workout!

Outdoor Fitness Is KING.
Try This Circuit!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

– Buddha

It’s almost May and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Time to get outside and exercise!

I reference the book “Go Wild” (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) a lot because if it’s incredible insights on Human Health, Evolution, and Nature. And this book touches a lot upon the importance of getting outside in nature- weather you’re exercising, walking, doing some yoga, playing, or just soaking up the sun. IT’S TRANSFORMATIVE!

***By exercising outside, you’re increasing your Energy, enhancing your mood and overall wellbeing, and improving your focus… all while getting physically FIT!!!***


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To answer the increasingly popular question “what should I be doing on my own?”, here’s some homework for the week. Don’t worry though… it’s simple and it’s fun!

It’s a fat burning Leg Circuit: 15 reps each, 2 rounds.

ALL YOU NEED IS SOME OPEN SPACE. No fancy equipment or weights.

Record your time and then let me know how you do by posting on the THLR Facebook page.

***Watch the exercises on Instagram (click an exercises)***

15 Jump Squats (or 180’s… see video)
15 Squat Jacks
15 Plyo (or basic) Lunges (each leg)
15 Ice Skaters (each leg)
- 2 Rounds

Fat Burn is determined by 2 things: Heart rate (breathing heavy and going HARD), along with muscle fatigue (feeling that BURN). This circuit does BOTH for you!

Grab a friend, set the timer, and get shredded… I’m looking forward to seeing how you do!


I also want to take a moment to give a big shout out to my man Johnny, one of our group session members. After our last meet up, we went into Whole Foods to learn about Nutrition. We spent some time going over the most common Nutrition questions and then did a quick round of shopping- talking about all the food and the selection.

Johnny’s been taking complete control of his Health and Life over the past 6 months and is experiencing the benefits first hand.

He felt it was TIME FOR A BREAKTHROUGH and he took the steps necessary to enhance his Life. Great work Johnny!


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And remember… a BREAKTHROUGH occurs when you realize you deserve a better Life. And you only stop when you believe the juice is not worth the squeeze. Trust me though, it is absolutely worth it. 

This is your time to transform. Ask questions and get involved. You’ll thank yourself later.

See you this week!

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Free

“I Saw Incredible Results… Then It All Went Away” (3 Tips To Keep It Off)


3 Tips To Keep It Off

Here’s the most common issue in Health & Fitness… and in Life. And it’s PAINFUL. Knowing what it feels like to see results, succeed, achieve a goal, look sexy, feel fantastic… and then lose it all. See all of it go away. Ouch.

We set these goals for ourselves and work like hell to achieve them. We gear up mentally, set the plan, and attack.  And when we actually see some results from our hard work, the feeling is amazing. It’s progress. And we want things to stay that way.

So then what happens? When we begin losing what we worked so hard for? Moving in the opposite direction. When you gain that 15 pounds back out of nowhere… WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?

I get slightly different answers from all the different people I work with and talk to, but when we dig deep, here’s the common thread: “I got too comfortable. I thought I did it. Like I didn’t have to do anything else.”

Success is achieved through constant work and evolving HABITS. Consistent change and upgrade. Life is always moving, so things are either improving or getting worse. They don’t stay the same. And it’s your Habits and work ethic that will dictate where it all goes. 

So when you begin losing steam, feeling comfortable, and noticing your results fading… what do you do? Here are 3 KEY POINTS to work with that’ll keep you in that zone of constant improvement:

1) Vary Your Workouts: ALWAYS be switching things up. Human Beings LOVE VARIETY in every area of Life. We need that in order to be happy and healthy. John Ratey’s book “Go Wild” addresses the importance of this. “…you are born to move with grace, born to embrace novelty and variety, born to crave wide-open spaces, and, above all, born to love.”

Arnold also embraces this notion (Arnold’s 8 training principles): “Within a basic framework, I was constantly changing my exercises. I liked to shock the muscles by not letting them get complacent in a constant routine.” If something wasn’t working, he’d switch it up. GREAT advice for Fitness and Life.

2) Remember WHY you started: If you can anchor your Self into the WHY, you’re all set. What was the FIRE that got you going in the first place? Why did you initially decide to cut body fat, get healthy, or take control of your Life? What pushed you? Where’s that anger… that frustration?

When you began this journey, there was a MAJOR SPARK. You had enough of living mediocre. Where’d that go? Get a hold of this and feel it. This is where your Power is.

3) Get around the right people: People influence each other. So choose carefully who you spend time with. If you’re trying to keep weight off or bring your Life to a new level, spending time with people who are negative, stagnant, or “comfortable” will cause you to become a reflection of that. Find some people who resonate with what you’re doing. Finding a group or a team will KEEP you in the zone of constant improvement. A new environment always triggers growth.

“Look at your 5 closest friends. Those 5 friends are who you are. If you don’t like who you are, you know what you have to do.” - Will Smith

If you’re seeing results in Life, KEEP GOING. If you’re losing ground, slow down and go over those three tips to get BACK IN THE ZONE. 


Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Free
Ron Barz

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9 Essentials Of Living (As A Foundation)

9 Essentials Of Living
—As A Foundation—

Deepak Chopra and a lot of Holistic Health Practitioners (among others) say that a huge portion, if not all, of our Health, Longevity, Wealth, and Fulfillment comes from our foundations of Beliefs and Perceptions. They’ll say that our circumstances don’t matter… that it’s our RESPONSES TO THEM that makes all the difference- and our responses are shaped by our deepest Beliefs.

Your Root Chakra Foundation is made up of things that you learned real early on in Life. As you were getting to know yourself and the world, you built up a system and a program that kept you safe and thriving as best as possible. But what worked then might be limiting you now… and most likely causing you some trouble.

What you learned and picked up early on is different from what I did. And what someone in another country picked up is probably much different than both of us. We also see over and over that many Beliefs once widely accepted are now completely obsolete. So what are the truest… or best Root Chakra Foundation Beliefs?

This can be debated, but there are 9 that Deepak Chopra believes are most helpful. This is because they’re based on UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. Many of them are based on the Wisdom of the Body… meaning the Beliefs will inherently create harmony, balance, strength, and healing in your Life.

Rebuilding The Root Chakra Foundation

I offered these 9 Essentials to a client who is going through a lot of changes in Life right now. Most of what he was given early on, he’s realized is WAY OFF. And time and time again, these ways of looking at things has caused him struggle and chaos. Right now he’s going BACK TO THE BASICS, using Deepaks 9 Essentials as a foundation…

These 9 are just practices and ideas to work with. They will, over time create change in your Life- bringing better Health, Balance, Energy, and Vitality. 

Remember, it’s not an over night thing. Personal Growth and creating the Life you’ve always dreamed of takes time and dedication… but it’s well worth it.

Try choosing just one that resonates with you- one that you feel you could accept and implement in your Life. As you see the outter changes, note how you feel every day. As your Health, Energy, and Circumstances begin shifting, note the changes. This will keep you aware and enable you to keep the process going. When the time’s right, implement another one.

About to get back to training and coaching, but leaving you with a quote I came across today: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

 – Lao Tzu

If you know it’s time to change, start today. The longer you wait, the more of a mountain it will look like.  Life is in YOUR hands… just decide. PEACE.

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