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Your UNIQUE Transformation

Your UNIQUE Transformation

You ever seen those commercials that show people’s transformations? A before and after picture- the after picture showing abs and a completely shredded body, 6 pack abs and all…

These transformation ads can do one of two things to you. They can fuel you to keep going after your goals and push even harder. Or they can get you completely frustrated, wanting to quit on the spot.

Questions and concerns about the “transformation” come up alot. But here’s what you absolutely have to remember: Your transformation is UNIQUE. It’s completely up to you and your own vision. Your own speed, your own style. Your own level of dedication.

When we set a goal, we’re asking to be challenged in order to attain something. We begin seeing changes and get even more excited, but then that road block can come up along the way- seeing someone else’s progress or results and getting frustrated. Being aware of this little trap can be the difference between you continuing with full force or completely stopping.


As a coach and supporter of your progress, I’m gonna ask you to do something: APPRECIATE the shit out of your mini transformations. The small changes that come up as a result of your daily focus, dedication, and persistence. That 1 pound dropped… that new nutritional habit that gives you energy.

These “Mini Transformations” continue over time and eventually add up to a “Major Transformaton”... just like the ones you see on TV. Now, your transformation may or may not involve a 6 pack. It might involve muscle mass. But if you stick to the script, your transformation will be UNIQUE to you. And this is the best part. It’s YOURS.

Stay on your path and remember why you started. Stay in that flow state and continuously make progress… little by little, day by day. When you notice little changes in your physique, mindset, or abilities- be grateful for them and keep building on them. You’ll astound yourself over time.

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“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” -Thomas Jefferson