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Drink Some Tea (Energy Booster)


Drink Some Tea
Energy Booster

Energy, yo. Energy. People ask about Energy all the time- “How do I boost Energy pre workout? How about in the morning?”

The thing about energy is that we already “have it”. We just need to turn that switch on and then use it. Then we have more of it. A morning drink can help with that little switch…

Heres a a potent energy formula that gives you a gradual increase in ENERGY and FOCUS. This is what you want. Not a jolt and then a big crash.

The benefits of drinking Tea in the morning?

- Turn that switch on and feel that energy flow.
– Get focused and feel good.
– Improve digestion/detox
– Load your body with vitamins and nutrients for the day.

 And it’s easy as fuck to make…

1) Buy some Green Tea
2) Buy some Yerba Mate
3) Boil some water
4) Put the mixture in a tea strainer and make that tea
5) Drink that shit

Easy, right?

I recomended this combo to people for pre workout and for early morning to get in the ZONE.

****OPTION: You can also add ginger to this or raw honey for the taste. Green Tea and Yerba Mate are the two baseline ingrents.

Under A Microscope…

Green Tea contains TONS of antioxidants. All of which keep your body lean, strong and healthy. Antioxidants can slow down and even reverse damage in your body. THEY’RE ESSENTIAL. It also contains Theanine. Theanine is a relaxing amino acid. This is why you feel a sense of calm when you drink it. The little bit of caffeine plus theanine will get you feeling alert, yet calm and focused. A perfect combo for working out or getting work done.

THIS. Drink this. Yerba Mate has tons of health benefits. It contains 15 amino acids (the building blocks of muscle) and tons of vitamins. It has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Try this and see how it works. Let me know. The goal is to GET IN THE ZONE early and dominate you day. Tap the inner champion, yo.


“Remember, progress is a process. Results are seen and appreciated over time. Success comes from habits. Wake up, drink some Ron Tea and focus on YOUR VISION. Whatever the fuck that might be.”


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