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Energy Work- Finding True Self


Energy Work- Finding True Self

Happiness, health, flow, openness to experience, vitality. ALL that stuff. Where does it come from? We all want it, but how and where do we get it. (Possible) Answer: It all comes from tapping your “True Self”.

(The above photo is from a 12 hour workshop I went to called “Finding True Self” through Body And Brain Yoga.)

Overall, the workshop was dope. INCREDIBLE energy work and insightful topics- dynamic meditations, chanting, singing, dancing. All that.


During the workshop, we talked about some different topics, but in more of a FEELING than in a thinking way.

The “True Self”, according to tradition is associated with feeling, not thinking. It’s your essence. It’s flow. It’s creative and expressive. It’s fuckin POWERFUL. On the other hand, there’s the “you” that you’ve become familiar with through years of conditioning. This, they refer to as the “false self”. It’s associated with limitation, stuckness, stagnation, and repressed emotion.

“Finding True Self” was all about tapping into that greater, unlimited self and building a relationship with it. This is what THLR and Ron Barz are all about- finding more and more about the true you, working with it, and cultivating it over time. Breaking through limitation and really tapping into your power and talent.

You can tap this greater self in a number of ways, and here are some of the best:

- Let yourself flow with your creative work. Writing, music, dance, painting, whatever you choose.
– Body Work- Exercise, dynamic meditation, massage.
– FEELING your heart and soul- what is it trying to express and how?
– Getting away from every day routine and doing something that excites you.

That all sounds easy, but it can be somewhat difficult for people. Here’s why:

We’re generally conditioned to repress emotion instead of expressing it. There’s alot of judgement and not a lot of “safe places” where a human being can really feel free. We’re taught more to think and analyze without honoring heart and soul. And that’s where the blockages are…


…but fuck all that.

Exercise. Eastern Philosophy. Music. Three practices I gravitate toward for this very reason. To EXPRESS and continue to build a relationship with myself on a deep level.

1) We absolutely need movement. We evolved through movement. It helps keeps us healthy and strong. It allows us to “unblock” that stuck energy and emotion from every day life.

2) Music and sound give us a voice for expression.

3) Ideas associated with Eastern Philosophy gives us the comfort of knowing it’s okay to do that. It’s natural and that other way just doesn’t work. So yo… move and express yourself. Always.

One other thing: DO NOT allow yourself to be boxed in. Never allow people, situations, or your old conditioning to get in the way of what you truly want. This bocks your “True Self”.

Express yourself through movement and sound. It’s a power practice. You don’t have to go to a 12 hour seminar. You can do it every day when you wake up. Just move and make sound. This is in your natural human Blueprint.

So you wanna have energy and feel happy? Energy and happiness comes from expression, not repression. Feel those emotions, all of them. The amazing gifts and things you’re grateful for, along with the heart ache, sadness, pain and grief. Fuck it. All of it. That’s life. Let it flow.


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Two Absolute MUST Mindset Reads

Two Absolute MUST Mindset Reads

mindset reads

 What do you do when Life gets crazy? We all have our methods of understanding and working through this thing. Some people distract, some freeze, and some face things head on.
Regardless of who you are, there is one thing that Meditation and Spiritual Practice WILL do for you. They will open up the gap between Trigger and Reaction/Response.

The Meditator And The Non Meditator

Crazy things can happen in Life. Just turn on the news for a minute. Things can be very unpredictable. But there is ALWAYS one thing that’s predictable and in your hands. That’s your Response to triggers and external stimuli.
Imagine two people next to each other. One person Meditates and has a Spiritual Practice. The other doesn’t. The one who Meditates is Responsive to Life. The one who doesn’t is Reactive.
When something crazy happens (The boss walks in and throws a fit about the Johnson Report being late), the Meditator breathes slowly and says “Alright, let’s solve this problem.” The Non Meditator freaks the fuck out. He can’t think clear. He’s in a state of fear. Same deal with a break up… an injury or illness… a frustrating relative. The Meditator doesn’t React… he Responds.


You see, you ALWAYS have a choice to experience something that’s happening and decide on how you want to Respond to it. You can decide your relationship TO the thing. You can React to it, which gives the situation Power over you. Or you can Respond to it. And this gives you the Power.
Any situation or person. When you Respond, you have Power. And the only way to Respond is to make a practice of Meditating.
Here are two books that are ABSOLUTE MUSTS to develop your Mind. I’ve had a few of my clients read these to enhance their progress and get through tough times. And these are two that helped me work through a number of situations.
1) Smile At Fear
2) Every Day Zen
These books will help you find that place of Power and Freedom that’s always in you. It actually IS You… without all the “stuff”.
I want you to read these to develop and become aware of that spot in You. I want you to keep looking at that spot thats separate from all the limitations, negativity, fear and judgements that have accumulated over the years. Keep going to that spot to strengthen it and elevate yourself.
Your Mind builds your reality. Feed it the right food.