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3 Signs: It’s Time To Change Your Sh*t Up

3 Signs: It’s Time To Change Your Sh*t Up


Here’s the deal. As you continue on in your Health and Fitness journey, you need structure. A set of guidelines… a road map. This can be a simple 3 day a week workout plan with the workouts written out.

BUT! This structure has to be FLEXIBLE AND ADAPTABLE. What this means is you need something that gives you room to breathe and you gotta be willing and able to TRY NEW THINGS.

Having an adaptable workout/health plan keeps you focused and moving toward your goals- like a fuckin machine. But being able to adapt and change with it will keep you engaged, motivated and allow you to change it up or rest when your Body needs it. This is what keeps your progress moving when you hit plateaus and sticking points..

To sum that up:
STRUCTURE: Keeps you in line with your goals. Focused like a machine.
FLEXIBILITY/ADAPATABLITY: Keeps you engaged, energized and motivated to break plateaus.

It’s easy to get stuck on your workouts, so check out the video for the week. Here, you’ll learn about 3 signs saying you need to get out of your current routine. These signs are your Body’s way of saying “Pull back a bit or change things up”.


Here are the 3 signs that mean “change things up”…

1) Aches, re-injuries, chronic fatigue: Feeling beat down and hurt. A lot of pain in the Body.
2) Lack of motivation: No willpower to go the gym or exercise.
3) Plateaus and sticking points: Weights, reps, scale all staying the same.

When you experience any of these, pull back and practice LISTENING to your Body. When you do this, you’ll hear exactly what it needs. Sometimes it’s a different style of training, sometimes it’s yoga, breathing and restorative work, sometimes it’s 3 or 4 days off from the gym.

Whatever it needs, work WITH IT. This is the difference between busting through a plateau and staying stuck where you are.

I want to leave this with you for the week: Building a lean, sexy body is a huge motivator. Getting laid more and feeling confident at the beach is motiving too. What’s even more motivating is the reward you get from disciplining yourself to focus on a goal that YOU SET FOR YOURSELF. To go beyond and overcome the obstacles that once stood in your way. When we train together, we’re changing our lives. We’re going from “what we thought we were” to “what we knew we could one day become”. THIS is where the juice is.



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