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MAINTAIN MOMENTUM: Travel & Get Stronger


Travel & Get Stronger

AW YEAH. There’s a set of questions and common sticking point that comes up all the time- and it involves losing progress. Specifically on vacation.

Here the basic issue: “I get frustrated with myself when I lose progress over vacation. Then it takes a while for me to get back on track when vacation is over…”

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To answer this set of questions, I recorded a video while I was in Maine. In the video, I go over the ONE thing you can do to completely overcome this common obstacle.

If your vacation involves lack of exercise and crazy, care free eating… it’s all good. But if that causes guilt and frustration when you lose progress, you gotta work with it.

And luckily, it’s easy to work with. Here it is: Use the Lever Effect. 

The Lever Effect is the coaching method I use to show you how to change just ONE habit or part of your day in order to create big change and make progress…

When you’re on vacation, you can do exactly that- just choose ONE thing that’s in line with your fitness goals.

For General Fitness:

- Jog in the morning
– Meditate at night
– Visualize and write out your goals
– Drink a lot of water


There’s a Flow State you can reach when you work toward your goals AND enjoy the process. Doing this on vacation will give you a gigantic sense of fulfilment…

At the end of the day, we’re after progress right? We want our hard work to pay off. It’s good to not give a fuck on vacation (and in general), but if it’s gonna cause that progress train to stop, use that remedy: Just discipline yourself to do ONE thing in alignment with your goals. Practicing that discipline will also help you to work with and improve other areas of your Life.

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