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Juice For The Journey

Juice For The Journey

While I was training my client Byron, I noticed something. He was pushing a sled, sweating a bit and we were having a casual conversation. We were talking about something stupid…laughing.

He was EASILY pushing a little under 200lbs. Two months ago, 200lbs was COMPLETELY out of the question.

Awareness of Progress:

When I brought that to his attention he was shocked. He realized that 2 months ago he could only push about 100lbs. INSTANT SPARK and change in energy.

For most people, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But I get deep and I’m obsessed with these concepts and really seeing them in action. As he became aware of his own progress in that very moment, his mindset (and Body) completely changed during our workout. It brought our workout up a few notches. And that makes all the difference…

 This is why the THLR Axiom “Awareness of Progress builds confidence, momentum, and drive” holds true.

When you take a second and notice that your hard work is paying off, you’ll find yourself filled with energy to workout harder, longer and more focused. 

Recognition… To Keep Going:

I feel like we all need some recognition for our hard work. BUT… the recognition should come in this form: “Look, you’re doing some good shit here. Great work. KEEP IT GOING and dig even deeper. Go even harder.” I think we need both sides of that to keep improving.

The recognition should allow you to see that you’re capable of creating change, that your hard work is paying off, and that you do have that power to keep moving toward that goal you set.

Progress Points:

Set up a progress point for yourself today. Take a photo, write down your weight, and write a quick note about how you feel about your overall fitness. This is your point A.

Then set your goal and get to work knowing you’ll be looking at today’s photo in about 12 weeks… realizing and really feeling good about the fact that you worked your ass off to achieve your goal.


Your greatest joy in working out will come from seeing that you set a crazy goal at one point and you’re steadily moving toward it. That you challenged yourself to become stronger and you’re doing it. Seeing your new body and level of strength… and being humbled by the fact that what you do now was at one point a distant dream…

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Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Uh Huh. Aw Yeah.

Monday, Monday, Monday… Wait, it doesn’t matter what fckin’ day it is. Remain a champion.

Today I’m highlighting a real THLR Champion. Before I get into it though, I’m gonna say this…quote me on this until I’m dead: The ONLY thing holding you back from achieving your goals is fear of change. Once you get over that fear, you’ll amaze yourself.

When I started training Kaitlin, I kept reminding her of this. Her goal was to get healthy and lose some weight. My goal was to give her the tools to develop her power. To draw out her inner champion. 

Kaitlin was dedicated to changing her life and as a result, lost 30lbs. She’s healthier and stronger than ever and her mindset has changed- she’s now a confident individual who KNOWS what she’s capable of.

Check out Kaitlin’s transformation…


She’s not done. She now sees that it’s her CHOICE to create her body, health, and life.


Her “fitness journey” was fun and empowering. Not some boring, difficult struggle like many people believe.

THLR training involves finding FLOW. When you find your Flow State to improve your body, health and life… you FLOURISH. You stay intrinsically motivatedWhat this means: In short, you do not stop.

“Champions are not made in the gym. They’re made from something deep inside them.” – Ali

Kaitlin tapped into “something” during her 30lb journey. She found a new way of living. The inner champion. The muthafuckin inner badass. The razor sharp edge that cuts through all limit and doubt. That’s what YOU gotta tap into if you want to make anything new happen.

As Kaitlin continues on, remember, she’s the same as you, me and everyone else. We all have a choice at every moment:
Settle for limited belief OR tap into that inner champion. 

Take this week by the face and throw it up against the fuckin’ wall. Your life is in your hands.

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Break Through Your Plateau (Playground Flow)

Break Through Your Plateau (Playground Flow)

Aww Yeah. Barz here. Are you experiencing a plateau in your fitness training? Zero progress or a lack of motivation? Feeling like training is some type of task you have to wrestle with instead of something that rejuvenates you?

Believe it or not, the fitness journey is NOT about that at all. Alot of people have this idea that  it should be a diffcult struggle. THLR is all about breaking through that myth- showing ways to find your OWN FLOW that allows you to continue progressing without falling flat or losing your hard earned progress.

So what do you do when you’ve hit a plateau and you feel frustrated and bored with your routine?

The most basic way to put it is like this: SHAKE THINGS UP. Sounds simple, but so many people struggle with it.

I have 3 clients right now who are shifting into a new workout program or training method for this very reason. We’re developing new exercises and mindset techniques to address the lack of motivation and get  “unstuck”….NATURALLY driving up energy and fitness results.

Check out this video with me and my man Dave. If you need to break through a plateau and regain some momentum, feel free to mimic this workout….

Here we used our creativity to build a short workout. NO SET ROUTINE, NO GUIDELINES. It’s just: Get creative and let your body MOVE. That’s it.

This Mindset will help you quickly break through any plateau you find yourself stuck at….


Go WIld

Read any book on Evolutionary Biology and you’ll see this: WE’RE WIRED FOR VARIETY. Especially when it comes to movement.

So if you are feeling bored or frustrated with your routine, it’s your brilliant Human Nature that’s urging you to CHANGE IT UP!


I work directly with clients and groups to change routines up, but as a general idea: Just choose an activity you don’t normally do and do it for a while. This could be extra Yoga or stretching, hiking, or dancing. In the gym, go from Strength Training to Balance And Stability for a few days.

Often times it takes just 2 or 3 days of some new shit to show you the next step in your fitness journey as your motivation and energy go WAY, WAY UP.

For more guidance on this topic, feel free to hit me directly.

Until next time…

Keep Progressing,



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“I Saw Incredible Results… Then It All Went Away” (3 Tips To Keep It Off)


3 Tips To Keep It Off

Here’s the most common issue in Health & Fitness… and in Life. And it’s PAINFUL. Knowing what it feels like to see results, succeed, achieve a goal, look sexy, feel fantastic… and then lose it all. See all of it go away. Ouch.

We set these goals for ourselves and work like hell to achieve them. We gear up mentally, set the plan, and attack.  And when we actually see some results from our hard work, the feeling is amazing. It’s progress. And we want things to stay that way.

So then what happens? When we begin losing what we worked so hard for? Moving in the opposite direction. When you gain that 15 pounds back out of nowhere… WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?

I get slightly different answers from all the different people I work with and talk to, but when we dig deep, here’s the common thread: “I got too comfortable. I thought I did it. Like I didn’t have to do anything else.”

Success is achieved through constant work and evolving HABITS. Consistent change and upgrade. Life is always moving, so things are either improving or getting worse. They don’t stay the same. And it’s your Habits and work ethic that will dictate where it all goes. 

So when you begin losing steam, feeling comfortable, and noticing your results fading… what do you do? Here are 3 KEY POINTS to work with that’ll keep you in that zone of constant improvement:

1) Vary Your Workouts: ALWAYS be switching things up. Human Beings LOVE VARIETY in every area of Life. We need that in order to be happy and healthy. John Ratey’s book “Go Wild” addresses the importance of this. “…you are born to move with grace, born to embrace novelty and variety, born to crave wide-open spaces, and, above all, born to love.”

Arnold also embraces this notion (Arnold’s 8 training principles): “Within a basic framework, I was constantly changing my exercises. I liked to shock the muscles by not letting them get complacent in a constant routine.” If something wasn’t working, he’d switch it up. GREAT advice for Fitness and Life.

2) Remember WHY you started: If you can anchor your Self into the WHY, you’re all set. What was the FIRE that got you going in the first place? Why did you initially decide to cut body fat, get healthy, or take control of your Life? What pushed you? Where’s that anger… that frustration?

When you began this journey, there was a MAJOR SPARK. You had enough of living mediocre. Where’d that go? Get a hold of this and feel it. This is where your Power is.

3) Get around the right people: People influence each other. So choose carefully who you spend time with. If you’re trying to keep weight off or bring your Life to a new level, spending time with people who are negative, stagnant, or “comfortable” will cause you to become a reflection of that. Find some people who resonate with what you’re doing. Finding a group or a team will KEEP you in the zone of constant improvement. A new environment always triggers growth.

“Look at your 5 closest friends. Those 5 friends are who you are. If you don’t like who you are, you know what you have to do.” - Will Smith

If you’re seeing results in Life, KEEP GOING. If you’re losing ground, slow down and go over those three tips to get BACK IN THE ZONE. 


Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Free
Ron Barz

Questions And Coaching: TrainHardLiveRight@gmail.com
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