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Goals Take Time (Water Them)

Goals Take Time

(Water Them)


A lot of questions have been coming up about breaking through plateaus and getting results quicker. A lot of times they’re about the frustration that comes along with not hitting goals quickly enough. We live in a “have it now” society, so it’s real easy to fall into this trap:

1) Set your fitness goal
2) See some results
3) Hit a plateau
4) Get pisssed about it
5) Quit

Working on this farm has taught, and continues to teach me a lot. And one of the most helpful lessons I keep learning is this:

“Be patient. Crops don’t grow overnight. Water them and care for them over time.”

When you set your Fitness goal, you’re planting a seed. It’s just an idea that COULD become something. Just like the farmer plants a crop. The seed has the intention of becoming something. YOU have the intention of being in shape, strong, healthy, and happy. The crop seed has the intention to become a strong plant that produces fruit.

When you plant that seed… that idea… You gotta remember- you’re the farmer in that greenhouse. You’re taking trips out to it every day to make sure the conditions are right. This means taking an active approach in your Fitness, learning, and enjoying the process.

This is why I have clients read up on specific subjects, learn, and talk about them. The aim is to BECOME the process- just like the farmer caring for the crop.

The Farmer’s Art

The Farmer has a routine with those crops he planted (the ones above take a short time… about 90 days). He goes out and adjusts temperatures, turns water on and off, checks the soil, pulls weeds, etc. He’s making sure that when the plant really starts growing, the surrounding conditions are just right.

So when you feel like you’re not seeing results or making progress, CONTINUE practicing. Keep learning about Exercise, Nutrition, and all those Mindset techniques. Stay involved in the process and find ways to enjoy it. Why? Well, if you don’t, you’ll quit.

 The best food is grown organically, over the course of months, with proper care. This is how you get the BEST results. And the farmer knows this- with patience, consistency, care, and awareness, the farmer gets nutrition food from a tiny seed he planted MONTHS ago.


Fitness is fitness. If you get that six pack, you’ll have reached a goal… but you’ll set another one. If you achieve that perfect physique, same thing. What makes a difference is that process you underwent to get there and how much you enjoyed it.

Take pride in your fitness journey and love it all- the times you’re making progress AND the times you’re not. Keep learning and getting better. As long as you practice that, you’ll keep yourself motivated and inspired.



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