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Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP

Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP

Aw Yeah, Aw Yeah. What’s really good? Barz here to start this week off with you. Today we got a 3 Part Workout to build Strong, Powerful Legs (check out the 3 Part Chest Workout too).

We all like training to cut fat, get strong and look sexy right? That stuff is cool and absolutely motivating. But it’s that  inner development part that really packs a punch. The transformative aspect of training.

The gist of THLR Body/Mind Training is this: Understanding that the way you train teaches you and helps you develop different aspects of yourself…

THLR Body/Mind Training for legs:

1) Stability/Balance/Slow Breath Strength: Bosu Ball Squat Holds. People learn to stay cool, focused, and relaxed under pressure through this practice. It teaches you how to solve problems for the long term and literally “balance things out”. This method is also good for active rest and recovery.

2) Progressive Strength Training: Barbell Squats. Progressive overload teaches people how to handle more and more pressure over time. You’re literally “standing up” with weight on your back. You RISE UP stronger through life stressor that push down on you. See the connections?

3) Explosive/Power Work: Weighted Jump Squats. People begin going at life problems and situations more pro actively through Explosive Training. They begin feeling more empowered. Your inner fire will burn BRIGHT as you not only push through resistance… but EXPLODE through it.

Check out Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP….

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“A tree can only grow as strong and tall as it’s roots allow”… ever heard sayings like that? Your Legs are your foundation. They’re what you stand on every day. They’re your root system.


The stronger and more powerful your legs are, the more confident you will be. Use the above workout as a template and FEEL yourself developing those inner aspects as you do each movement. Visualize yourself becoming more confident, more resilient, and more powerful with each exercise. This creates a massive shift in your own beliefs about yourself.

Keep working and progressing. Your hard work and dedication will pay off. 

Spiderman Akshay’s Fat Burning Workout

Spiderman Akshay’s Fat Burning Workout

It’s Summer time, which means CUTTING SEASON.

It’s time to tweak your workouts and nutrition to show those abs. Now, remember there are two components to getting cut as fuck:

1) GET OUT OF BREATH: This turns up the metabolism and gets the Body looking for Energy. It also increases Growth Hormone. 

2) LEAVE YOUR MUSCLES SORE: A lot of people miss this one. You can’t just run. Heavy, compound movements also have a potent fat burning effect. This is also how you signal to your body: “I need these muscles… don’t burn them for fuel.”

Akshay is cutting for a couple months before he moves into a lean gain phase. We hit the park to get a conditioning, leg and core workout in… check it out below.

Here’s some of what we did. Use these in your outdoor workout (check the video):
- Spiderman Stepouts
- Jump Squats
- Spiderman Pushups
- Behind The Back Dips

See the other exercises in his cutting workout….

Vary the reps and sets with these exercises (always stay creative), but for cutting and reducing body fat, remember those two KEY CONCEPTS:
– Get Out Of Breath
– Leave Your Muscles Sore

As long as you’re eating pretty well, you’ll always get leaner and stronger.


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There are two parts to killin’ shit.

1) The FIRE that comes from knowing you can get better, work harder, be more focused. It’s the part that says “I want more”.

fire passion

2) The confidence and motivation that comes from looking at what you’ve done and the progress you’ve made (Awareness Of Progress). This is the part that says “Damn, look what I’ve achieved. I GOT IT.”

Combine these two and you’re unstoppable.

I remind clients all the time of their progress. I see it, note it, even show them proof that they’ve dont way more than they thought they were capable of. They’ll still say “ehhh…” and almost cut themselves down.

Where Does This Come From?

Who knows. But somewhere along the road you learned to dull your own shine. Maybe someone was jealous and cut you down. Or maybe you think if you get too comfortable you won’t work as hard.

Re-Cognize the fact that you’ve worked your ass off. You’ve stayed focused and you’re only getting stronger. SEE THAT AND FEEL IT.  Then say “I’m not finished yet. I want more.”

*******Your Brain will start telling you to work out if you FEEL GOOD while you’re doing it. And you feel good when you KNOW you’re making progress.*******

All ya’ll focused on your goals, getting better by the day. Here you go. PUT IN THAT WORK AND KEEP IT ROLLIN’.

Proud and grateful for every single one of you. 

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Your Lever (How to Easily Create Massive Change)

lever article

How to Easily Create Massive Change

Aww yeah aww yeah…It’s been a crazy week and weekend- linked up with some cool people, had  a bunch of POWERFUL coaching sessions (big shout out to all my clients), and got a lot of creative work done. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

Before we hit your Lever, where are you at with your fitness? Have you been moving your Body enough?

I remind clients of this all the time: All you gotta do is COMMIT TO MOVING (health benefits of staying active)You DO NOT have to do crazy work outs every day.  Just get up, move, stretch, walk, run, dance… whatever you want. If you need a quick, easy workout, do the challenge I put up last week.

Now, onto that Lever idea.

“The Lever” is a HUGE part of my coaching method. It’s the simplest way to make progress in your Health and Fitness.

YOUR personal Lever is one part of your daily routine that, when tweaked a bit, creates MASSIVE change in your Life. When you identify your Lever and work with it, you’ll be ASTOUNDED at how quickly things change.

Think of how a lever works: It allows you to lift get a job done quicker and more efficiently… and with less effort.

Why It’s So Effective:

The Lever method solves the one BIG problem people face in Health, Fitness, and Personal Development…

You want some change, realize how much there is to be done, then you try to do EVERYTHING AT ONCE. You become overwhelmed, discouraged and burnt out. You eventually stop trying, thinking you’re just destined to stay the way you are. Sound familiar?


“Habits…emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort.” (Power of Habit)

So we make it easy and go with Nature: THE LEVER allows us to wipe out everything that COULD be changed, and focus on just ONE aspect (saving effort and energy) that naturally improves several other areas. And THIS is how you create change.

An Example of the Lever approach:

Nutrition: Let’s say I eat cereal, bagels, and I drink orange juice for breakfast.
Problem: I’m tired all day, can’t focus, and I crash HARD at 2pm. I’m also putting on fat.
I tweak my Nutrition a bit: I start eating Eggs with veggies instead. And I drink water or Green Tea.

The Result:

1) My Energy goes way up and it’s sustained throughout the day (no 2pm crash).
2) My focus level goes up at work and overall.
3) My workouts get better and I lose weight because my blood sugar is stable.
4) I’m happier, healthier, and more productive.

Just by changing 1 thing, I’ve revolutionized my entire day… and done over a period of time… MY ENTIRE LIFE. See the simplicity and the domino effect?

Finding Yours:

Can you see your Lever? Don’t go crazy trying to find it, just ask yourself one question:

“If there’s ONE simple habit I could break or build that’d change my state of Health, freedom, or my level of happiness in my Life… what would it be?”

If you’re having trouble, here are some recent Levers that have come up in sessions: 
– Develop a morning routine or daily ME time.
– 15 minute Meditation once a day.
– Short morning exercise session.
– No processed food.
– Walk after big meals.

If you find several potential Levers, just pick one of them. Even if it’s not the most powerful one, you’re still changing a habit which will bring positive results.

Homework This Week

1) Keep hammering in this concept: Progress builds momentum and confidence.This has been HUGE for a lot of you guys recently and it’s definitely something to stick by. We need progress to feel good- set a goal, challenge yourself, change through it, and become aware of your progress. You will only improve.

2) Look for your Lever. See if you can find that one habit or part of your day that you can work with to see other areas improve effortlessly. When we identify a Lever in a session and then focus on it for 2 weeks, the results are UNREAL. And that realization and AHA moment where someone sees their growth and real potential… it’s indescribable.

And I’m leaving you with this inspiring quote for the week:


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A QUICK Fat Burning Workout!

A QUICK Fat Burning Workout!

Happy Friday ya’ll! Some clients have been asking for homework to stay on point and motivated. So here you go- a quick and efficient workout with a little challenge for the weekend.

To burn Body Fat, you have to increase the intensity of your workouts. When you bring intensity up, your metabolism goes up… fat loss.

THE CHALLENGE: Set the timer on your phone and do the workout- 3 exercises, 15 reps each, 3 rounds. How long did it take? Post your time in the comment section below and on the THLR Facebook Page. In a few weeks, repeat this workout and CRUSH your first score.

This is the KEY to building momentum and confidence in your workouts. Becoming AWARE of your own progress. From 8 minutes, down to 6. You’re teaching yourself that you can do it.

So try the workout this weekend and let me know how you do. Remember, GO HARD. Never slow down. Never give in. You get stronger only when you push your limits.

Have a fun weekend…

“A growth Mindset says: I did my best on this one, but I’ll do even better next time.”


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Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Free


Outdoor Fitness Is KING. Try This Workout!

Outdoor Fitness Is KING.
Try This Circuit!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

– Buddha

It’s almost May and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Time to get outside and exercise!

I reference the book “Go Wild” (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) a lot because if it’s incredible insights on Human Health, Evolution, and Nature. And this book touches a lot upon the importance of getting outside in nature- weather you’re exercising, walking, doing some yoga, playing, or just soaking up the sun. IT’S TRANSFORMATIVE!

***By exercising outside, you’re increasing your Energy, enhancing your mood and overall wellbeing, and improving your focus… all while getting physically FIT!!!***


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To answer the increasingly popular question “what should I be doing on my own?”, here’s some homework for the week. Don’t worry though… it’s simple and it’s fun!

It’s a fat burning Leg Circuit: 15 reps each, 2 rounds.

ALL YOU NEED IS SOME OPEN SPACE. No fancy equipment or weights.

Record your time and then let me know how you do by posting on the THLR Facebook page.

***Watch the exercises on Instagram (click an exercises)***

15 Jump Squats (or 180’s… see video)
15 Squat Jacks
15 Plyo (or basic) Lunges (each leg)
15 Ice Skaters (each leg)
- 2 Rounds

Fat Burn is determined by 2 things: Heart rate (breathing heavy and going HARD), along with muscle fatigue (feeling that BURN). This circuit does BOTH for you!

Grab a friend, set the timer, and get shredded… I’m looking forward to seeing how you do!


I also want to take a moment to give a big shout out to my man Johnny, one of our group session members. After our last meet up, we went into Whole Foods to learn about Nutrition. We spent some time going over the most common Nutrition questions and then did a quick round of shopping- talking about all the food and the selection.

Johnny’s been taking complete control of his Health and Life over the past 6 months and is experiencing the benefits first hand.

He felt it was TIME FOR A BREAKTHROUGH and he took the steps necessary to enhance his Life. Great work Johnny!


For questions and coaching, reach me at: TrainHardLiveRight@gmail.com

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And remember… a BREAKTHROUGH occurs when you realize you deserve a better Life. And you only stop when you believe the juice is not worth the squeeze. Trust me though, it is absolutely worth it. 

This is your time to transform. Ask questions and get involved. You’ll thank yourself later.

See you this week!

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Free

Organic VS Inorganic, Does It Really Matter??

Organic VS Inorganic, Does It Really Matter??

Vibrant Produce

The Age of the Internet has given us access to A LOT of information and resources. It’s changed the way we see things and really opened up our world. Which is great. However, the internet is FILLED with so much information that it’s become an overload. Yes, just TOO MUCH information.

And this is why I hear all the time, “I just don’t know who’s right. So I just keep doing what I’ve been doing.”

I’m here to give you the ideas. Show you what will help, why it will help, and then prompt you to FEEL IT OUT YOURSELF. This is how you learn on a deep level, what works and what doesn’t.


Now, this one Nutrition question: “Does buying Organic really help?” This comes up all the time. So let’s get into the Science and break it down a bit.

The short answer is: YES. It does matter. If you have the money or begin to see the value in TOP QUALITY Nutrition, spend the extra money on Organic.

If you don’t have the money to buy Organic… here’s how to stay Healthy and clear headed in the midst of all the confusion…

Most foods with a shell are OKAY to eat non-Organic. These foods are grown with LESS PESTICIDES…  but make sure you wash all your food anyway.

Here’s the list of okay’d non-Organic foods:

1) Avocado
2) Pineapple
3) Kiwi
4) Onion
5) Aspagarus
6) Mango
7) Grapefruit
8) Mushrooms
9) Papaya
10) Sweet Peas
11) Cantaloupe 
12) Eggplant
13) Sweet Potato
14) Cabbage
15) Watermelon
16) Cauliflower 

Now, for the foods you should ONLY EAT ORGANIC. These are the ones that are grown with a lot of pesticide. They are very toxic when commercially grown. Spend a little extra and  eat these ORGANIC:


1) Apples
2) Peaches
3) Strawberries
4) Nectarines
5) Grapes
6) Celery
7) Spinach
8) Sweet Bell Peppers
9) Cucumbers
10) Snap Peas
11) Tomatoes
12) Hot Peppers
13) Kale
14) Collard Greens

By keeping your Body FREE OF TOXINS, here’s what happens:

-Energy Goes UP
-Health Goes UP (Low Medical Bills)
-Focus and Productivity Goes UP
-Endurance and Vitality Go UP
-Body Fat Is Reduced
-Overall Happiness Goes UP

If you’re still wondering if it really matters, or why… it comes down to this: Stress. Your Body is constantly trying to processes Life as it works through stress and attempts to find balance. The average American’s Lifestyle is extremely stressed with little room for recovery.

Eating pesticides and poisons multiply stress like nothing else. It creates blockages in the Body leading to every dis-ease you can think of. The major issue with EATING POISON is that the body becomes confused. When the Body doesn’t know what’s happening or what to fight because the threat is INSIDE… it fights itself. This is an Auto-Immune disorder.

Pesticides will speed up this process- increasing the speed of breakdown, weakening the immune system, and decreasing the Body’s ability to heal.

Always LOOK CLOSELY at what you’re putting into your Body. It will either make you stronger or weaker. Organic food is CLEANER, so you will become stronger by eating it. Pesticides weaken the Body. Always look closely, slow down, and consciously CHOOSE.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” – Hippocrates

food medicine

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Free
Ron Barz

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What’s the most common scenario we experience when striving to achieve a Goal… losing weight, getting stronger, or just improving Life and Health overall? A lot of people would say it’s getting inspired and taking action… then, LOSING STEAM after a week and giving up.

It’s real easy for us to get inspired, have a vision for ourselves… really be willing to DIE FOR SOMETHING. And then have to face reality and see how difficult it is… how long the road is, and how much work we have to do.  Suddenly that hot body, that muscle, that Life we dreamed of isn’t worth the hard work.

————–GET INVOLVED!————–

My most successful clients do one thing REAL well. They get involved in the process. They ask me all types of questions, they read and post about their goals, and they try things out on their own.  They see it is as This is MY journey. I want the ideas, but I’m in control of the wheel.”

By taking an active approach with everything they become Scientists. They try out new ideas, and take notes on how they feel and how they’re progress is going. They SELF CORRECT, over and over until they find things that work well for them. They work to perfect their process and evolve overtime. This is what builds FOCUS, ENERGY, AND WILLPOWER… and this is what guarantees results.

—When we GET INVOLVED and make something our own, we become inspired.—

There’s a HUGE difference between “I’m doing these workouts and eating this food because my coach told me to” and “I’m finding my OWN RHYTHM, my own FLOW, my own WAY. I ask for guidance, but I’M DRIVING.” 


One of my clients right now (mentioned in the video) is REALLY learning and working on her Nutrition. She makes smoothies and finds that she’s more energized and overall healthier when she’s drinking them.

What she’s realized is that she’s motivated more and more as she makes her own smoothies- when she experiments and tries new combinations. And as she learns more about how different foods and herbs affect Health, Weight, And Energy, she’s creating her own smoothie recipe which she’ll name. Then she can share that with people. SEEING THIS PROCESS IS INSPIRING FOR ME.

Don’t hold your Goals “out there”… get involved, become a Scientist, and develop your own process based on what you feel works best. Try creating a new workout for yourself, a new smoothie, a new meditation practice, a new creative outlet. Really focus and work to make it more and more efficient. This will KEEP YOU INSPIRED AND MOTIVATED. It’ll make you stronger by the day.

You hear a lot of “you should” and “this is the way it is” in Life. Now’s your time to say Fuck All That… it’s YOUR journey… GET INVOLVED!

Start with this week. Make every day your own. KILL IT!!




Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while… you don’t do things right once in a while… you do them right all the time. Winning is habit.

- Vince Lombardi

In the past few Meetups and Small Group Sessions, we’ve gone over some real cool shit. A lot of these BIG questions regarding Health, Fitness, Self Development, Fulfillment… all that good stuff.  As we dive into these discussions, it’s good to hear different ideas, experiences, and insights that can FUEL your Life. 

“Who Am I?”“I’m trying to figure out who I am at this point.”  These types of questions and statements are right up front when you decide to transform your Life, change some things, or decide to REALLY drive yourself and CREATE.

In the video, I go over some of the KEY insights that came up in the Meetups and Sessions…

Those fundamental questions are necessary. You absolutely have to ask them. But trying TOO HARD to “figure out who you are” can be frustrating, painful, and confusing.

The reason is because there is no solid, unchanging Self. You’re always evolving… every second of the day. Every time you learn something new, you’re a new person. Every time you workout and become stronger, you’re a new person. Every Breath. THIS ALWAYS CHANGES. YOU ALWAYS CHANGE. Allowing these changes to take place is Growth. TRYING TOO HARD TO FIGURE OUT or clutch leads to attachment, blockages, and stagnation.


1) What types of foods do you eat?
2) What kinds of activities do you normally do?
3) Do you workout and take care of your body?
4) Do you have a creative outlet?
5) Do you look to build value or take?
6) Do you laugh, have fun, and get crazy?

It’s your Habits and the things you allow in your space. These give you your experience of Life. Your reflection. THAT’S THE REAL YOU. THE EXPERIENCE ITSELF.

In the video, I give the image of you being a fist. Power. And around that fist, that space, that Essence, you have the things you’ve agreed to be part of your experience. Whether you realize it or not, you agree and disagree in order to have things in that space. This is what creates your Idea of Life. And it’s COMPLETELY up to You.

As you continue on your path of Health, Personal Growth, Expansion, and Understanding, remember this analogy and Truth. YOU ARE YOUR EXPERIENCE. Built from your Habits and the things in your circle. Choose which ones you want to change and which ones are keepers.

There’s no solid Self you can clutch and cling onto. You’ll never do it, no matter how hard you try or how far you look. You’re the FLOW. So just flow WITH it. And since it’s up to you to decide your experience of life, choose SELF MULTIPLYING Habits. Ones that build your Power, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Connection, Freedom and Enjoyment. Work on this and your Life will be Incredible.

Start this month strong. Have a vision for the end of the month. How much will you have STEPPED IT UP by the first of next month? See It, Feel It, then just DO THAT SHIT.

Questions And Coaching: TrainHardLiveRight@gmail.com




PRO-Biotics And Apple Cider Vinegar

FRIENDLY BACTERIA- We need these guys for everything. Balanced Energy, healthy body weight, stress reduction, digestion, focus, and overall feelings of happiness. It’s your Gut Flora. And when it’s balanced, IT’S ALL PEACE.

Your brain is your entire Nervous System. It’s your head brain, but it also extends down into your Body… hands, feet and everything. That’s your REAL BRAIN. When this is balanced and connected, your Health, Energy, Wellbeing, Focus, and Power go WAY UP.

Now, when it comes to weight loss and getting more Energy and Focus, here’s all you have to do. This is IT. This is the Master Key. Ready? DROP your stress levels. That’s it. Everything else will follow…

Here’s how it works:

Chronically Stressed Nervous System (The American Norm)—> Low Energy, Low Focus, FAT GAIN, MUSCLE LOSS, Low Quality Sleep, Anxiety.  Sound familiar?

When you take in PRO-Biotics (foods containing healthy bacteria) and PRE-Biotics (foods that FEED those healthy bacteria), you can balance off that stress in your Nervous System.

These HEALTHY BACTERIA do everything for you…
They help digest your food for Energy and Vitamins, they heal you, eliminate toxins, produce chemicals of well-being and clarity, and help you Communicate (Connection, Intelligence, Intuition, and Creativity). This ALL happens as a result of BILLIONS of micro organisms living in your digestive tract. You’re actually more “micro-organism” than Human… for real.


If you experience poor digestion and bloating, anxiety, chronic stress, “mental blocks”, low energy, confusion, fat gain/muscle loss… it might be a sign that your Gut Flora is imbalanced.


First, get rid of the toxic foods that make the problem worse. That means all processed foods, additives, sugar, caffeine (in moderation is all good).

Then eat your PRO and PRE BIOTICS:

Pro-Biotics: Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Yogurt (natural), Kefir, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR
Pre-Biotics: Banana, Cabbage, Broccoli, Asparagus, Onion, Garlic (Anything Natural With Fiber)

In the video I recommend Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s a Pre-Biotic and it also flushes out and cleanses the system. Take in some PRO BIOTICS and Apple Cider Vinegar TWICE A DAY.

As you bring your body to balance, ACV can help flush out toxins that have accumulated over the years. As you do this your ENTIRE outlook and health with change.

Hit me with questions on any of this!