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Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Uh Huh. Aw Yeah.

Monday, Monday, Monday… Wait, it doesn’t matter what fckin’ day it is. Remain a champion.

Today I’m highlighting a real THLR Champion. Before I get into it though, I’m gonna say this…quote me on this until I’m dead: The ONLY thing holding you back from achieving your goals is fear of change. Once you get over that fear, you’ll amaze yourself.

When I started training Kaitlin, I kept reminding her of this. Her goal was to get healthy and lose some weight. My goal was to give her the tools to develop her power. To draw out her inner champion. 

Kaitlin was dedicated to changing her life and as a result, lost 30lbs. She’s healthier and stronger than ever and her mindset has changed- she’s now a confident individual who KNOWS what she’s capable of.

Check out Kaitlin’s transformation…


She’s not done. She now sees that it’s her CHOICE to create her body, health, and life.


Her “fitness journey” was fun and empowering. Not some boring, difficult struggle like many people believe.

THLR training involves finding FLOW. When you find your Flow State to improve your body, health and life… you FLOURISH. You stay intrinsically motivatedWhat this means: In short, you do not stop.

“Champions are not made in the gym. They’re made from something deep inside them.” – Ali

Kaitlin tapped into “something” during her 30lb journey. She found a new way of living. The inner champion. The muthafuckin inner badass. The razor sharp edge that cuts through all limit and doubt. That’s what YOU gotta tap into if you want to make anything new happen.

As Kaitlin continues on, remember, she’s the same as you, me and everyone else. We all have a choice at every moment:
Settle for limited belief OR tap into that inner champion. 

Take this week by the face and throw it up against the fuckin’ wall. Your life is in your hands.

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Outdoor Fitness Is KING. Try This Workout!

Outdoor Fitness Is KING.
Try This Circuit!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

– Buddha

It’s almost May and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Time to get outside and exercise!

I reference the book “Go Wild” (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) a lot because if it’s incredible insights on Human Health, Evolution, and Nature. And this book touches a lot upon the importance of getting outside in nature- weather you’re exercising, walking, doing some yoga, playing, or just soaking up the sun. IT’S TRANSFORMATIVE!

***By exercising outside, you’re increasing your Energy, enhancing your mood and overall wellbeing, and improving your focus… all while getting physically FIT!!!***


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To answer the increasingly popular question “what should I be doing on my own?”, here’s some homework for the week. Don’t worry though… it’s simple and it’s fun!

It’s a fat burning Leg Circuit: 15 reps each, 2 rounds.

ALL YOU NEED IS SOME OPEN SPACE. No fancy equipment or weights.

Record your time and then let me know how you do by posting on the THLR Facebook page.

***Watch the exercises on Instagram (click an exercises)***

15 Jump Squats (or 180’s… see video)
15 Squat Jacks
15 Plyo (or basic) Lunges (each leg)
15 Ice Skaters (each leg)
- 2 Rounds

Fat Burn is determined by 2 things: Heart rate (breathing heavy and going HARD), along with muscle fatigue (feeling that BURN). This circuit does BOTH for you!

Grab a friend, set the timer, and get shredded… I’m looking forward to seeing how you do!


I also want to take a moment to give a big shout out to my man Johnny, one of our group session members. After our last meet up, we went into Whole Foods to learn about Nutrition. We spent some time going over the most common Nutrition questions and then did a quick round of shopping- talking about all the food and the selection.

Johnny’s been taking complete control of his Health and Life over the past 6 months and is experiencing the benefits first hand.

He felt it was TIME FOR A BREAKTHROUGH and he took the steps necessary to enhance his Life. Great work Johnny!


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And remember… a BREAKTHROUGH occurs when you realize you deserve a better Life. And you only stop when you believe the juice is not worth the squeeze. Trust me though, it is absolutely worth it. 

This is your time to transform. Ask questions and get involved. You’ll thank yourself later.

See you this week!

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Free