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Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Major Transformation!!! (30+lb)

Uh Huh. Aw Yeah.

Monday, Monday, Monday… Wait, it doesn’t matter what fckin’ day it is. Remain a champion.

Today I’m highlighting a real THLR Champion. Before I get into it though, I’m gonna say this…quote me on this until I’m dead: The ONLY thing holding you back from achieving your goals is fear of change. Once you get over that fear, you’ll amaze yourself.

When I started training Kaitlin, I kept reminding her of this. Her goal was to get healthy and lose some weight. My goal was to give her the tools to develop her power. To draw out her inner champion. 

Kaitlin was dedicated to changing her life and as a result, lost 30lbs. She’s healthier and stronger than ever and her mindset has changed- she’s now a confident individual who KNOWS what she’s capable of.

Check out Kaitlin’s transformation…


She’s not done. She now sees that it’s her CHOICE to create her body, health, and life.


Her “fitness journey” was fun and empowering. Not some boring, difficult struggle like many people believe.

THLR training involves finding FLOW. When you find your Flow State to improve your body, health and life… you FLOURISH. You stay intrinsically motivatedWhat this means: In short, you do not stop.

“Champions are not made in the gym. They’re made from something deep inside them.” – Ali

Kaitlin tapped into “something” during her 30lb journey. She found a new way of living. The inner champion. The muthafuckin inner badass. The razor sharp edge that cuts through all limit and doubt. That’s what YOU gotta tap into if you want to make anything new happen.

As Kaitlin continues on, remember, she’s the same as you, me and everyone else. We all have a choice at every moment:
Settle for limited belief OR tap into that inner champion. 

Take this week by the face and throw it up against the fuckin’ wall. Your life is in your hands.

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Losing More Than 1.5LBS A Week. Is That Healthy?

Losing More Than 1.5LBS In A Week. Is That Health??



One question we get a lot in the health industry is “How much weight should I aim to lose per week?” And most of the time you get the answer: “Shoot for 1-1.5LBS per week.” My client asked me this question because a week into our complete mind and body program, he dropped 5LBS. You might be wondering if this is really possible, if you can do it… or maybe if that amount in one week is even healthy. Keep reading…

The 1-1.5LB rule is definitely a good one to stick by. But everyone is different, can tolerate varying degrees of change in shorter amounts of time, and have varying amounts of fat to lose. So I’m gonna offer you some ideas to work with as you look to cut some body fat.

First of all, our bodies do respond to how much we eat compared to how much energy we expend. And expending too much energy without rebuilding and cultivating energy will inevitably lead to “starvation mode.” This is the zone where your survival instincts kick in high gear and you can lose some muscle as well as put your body under unnecessary stress. Aside from that, this stress can cause you to fall back into old patterns that you’re evolving out of. This is why when people go on crash diets, they drop weight but then eventually CRASH and fall back to their old ways.


If you’re in starvation mode, you might notice the following:

- Shaky, lightheaded feelings due to low calorie and blood sugar.

- Continuous adrenal and cortisol responses… as if everything is a threat.

- Gaining fat and losing muscle even though you’re working out all the time.

- Emotions getting out of control.

It’s All About Habits

 The key is always to build top notch HABITS that support cutting fat, slowly but surely so your results stay and continue. Everything in life is a marathon… build mechanisms that support you long term.

If you are just starting out or have ALOT of fat to lose though- you might experience more than a 1.5LB reduction in a week. For the first few weeks you might lose more, especially if you reduce or cut out carbohydrates. CARBS HOLD WATER… so cutting those leads to water loss, which looks the same on the scale.

So How Do I Know?

Here’s the KEY. Go to your body. I tell clients this all the time. If you’re unsure about anything, go to your body. It will tell you what the deal is… you just gotta listen.

For my client, we kept everything the same the following week. The reason I decided not to change things up was because…

A)It had only been 1 week.

B)I asked him how he is functioning overall… how he feels. He said “Real good. Focus is up, and I’m seeing progress in every area.”

There will never be a rigid strict set of rules that apply to everyone. And as you evolve, things change. This is why you gotta be adaptable. For him, things are working, he dropped 5LBS in a week (some fat, a little muscle possibly, and a good amount of water) and he feels real good. He feels healthy and he’s functioning at a high level.

At the end of the day, this is what you want. To feel good and to be functioning at your best. What works for you RIGHT NOW won’t work for your friend. What worked for Arnold won’t work for you. The point is to get to know your body and your mind so well that you can pinpoint and tweak accordingly at any moment to bring yourself closer to your goal.

So as you get in shape and elevate, keep the following in mind:


- The numbers on the scale are just a general idea of how you’re doing.

- The point is to bring yourself to your highest functioning level possible.

- Getting in shape and feeling healthy goes hand in hand with confidence and building a life that continues to get better.

- There are no rules, just information. Get smarter and see what works for YOU personally.

- There is actually one rule Artificial food and processed foods NEVER  make you stronger. They break the system down.

That’s it for now. Contact me with any questions you have on this topic or anything else! TrainHardLiveRight@gmail.com