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Try A New Exercise This Week

Try A New Exercise This Week

It’s real easy to stick with the same exercise routine every day or every week. To keep doing those same movements that you know so well. Same thing goes with that nutrition plan and daily activities.

Now, it’s good to have a set routine, but without variety, we can become bored. Motivation can go out the window because we’re no longer challenging ourselves. Muscle growth can stop and we can easily lose a lot of that hard earned progress…

When we learn something new- an exercise, a skill, a hobby, etc… motivation goes flying up. The Mind/Body becomes engaged and energy increases. Things become fun again. This is where your overall progress starts back up.

“What Should I Change Up?”

If you’re doing the same thing in the gym every day, just change it up A LITTLE and note how you feel AFTER the workout.

For exmple: If you always do cardio, try some strength training:

Simple Strength Training

1 Set of Bench Press or Pushups
2 Sets of Body Weight or Barbell Squats
1 Sets of Bent Over Rows

That right there is a very simple change that’ll do wonders for your energy, motivation, and Body.

Another simple change up would be to spend one day doing Yoga, deep breathing, stretching and mobility exercises. These help with recovery which will get you feeling refreshed and renewed for your next workout.


You can also take a little time to learn a brand new exercise or way of training. Ask a trainer at your gym or do some research on a new training method. The simple act of asking and then engaging in that unfamiliar process will get you excited, motivated, and focused on your fitness progress.

When we learn something new- especially something that scares us- confidence levels go up. New neural synapses and connections are created in the brain and we feel a deep sense of empowerment and satisfaction.

If you REALLY, REALLY want to get your motivation and energy up, choose an exercise or new way of training that’s way outside your comfort zone. This will boost you up and get you feeling incredible.


Confidence is a huge part of my training and coaching philosophy. I take a lot of time to train my clients to:

1) Come in excited, eager to workout and learn new skills.
2) To engage fully and enjoy the process of working out.
3) To leave feeling on top of the world. CONFIDENT as ever.

If you’re not feeling engaged and confident, it’s time to switch things up a bit. Try that new exercise this week. Ask someone to teach you a new skill. Get excited. All of this increases the energy and the strength of your Body!!


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