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Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP

Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP

Aw Yeah, Aw Yeah. What’s really good? Barz here to start this week off with you. Today we got a 3 Part Workout to build Strong, Powerful Legs (check out the 3 Part Chest Workout too).

We all like training to cut fat, get strong and look sexy right? That stuff is cool and absolutely motivating. But it’s that  inner development part that really packs a punch. The transformative aspect of training.

The gist of THLR Body/Mind Training is this: Understanding that the way you train teaches you and helps you develop different aspects of yourself…

THLR Body/Mind Training for legs:

1) Stability/Balance/Slow Breath Strength: Bosu Ball Squat Holds. People learn to stay cool, focused, and relaxed under pressure through this practice. It teaches you how to solve problems for the long term and literally “balance things out”. This method is also good for active rest and recovery.

2) Progressive Strength Training: Barbell Squats. Progressive overload teaches people how to handle more and more pressure over time. You’re literally “standing up” with weight on your back. You RISE UP stronger through life stressor that push down on you. See the connections?

3) Explosive/Power Work: Weighted Jump Squats. People begin going at life problems and situations more pro actively through Explosive Training. They begin feeling more empowered. Your inner fire will burn BRIGHT as you not only push through resistance… but EXPLODE through it.

Check out Warrior Leg Training: STAND UP….

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“A tree can only grow as strong and tall as it’s roots allow”… ever heard sayings like that? Your Legs are your foundation. They’re what you stand on every day. They’re your root system.


The stronger and more powerful your legs are, the more confident you will be. Use the above workout as a template and FEEL yourself developing those inner aspects as you do each movement. Visualize yourself becoming more confident, more resilient, and more powerful with each exercise. This creates a massive shift in your own beliefs about yourself.

Keep working and progressing. Your hard work and dedication will pay off. 

Broken Butterfly- A Spiritual Poem

Broken Butterfly- A Spiritual Poem


By Joelle Valente

This poem by Joelle Valente will give you a boost. This is one I read from time to time to remind myself of my strength.

Words and ideas change lives- especially when they’re read with emotion. Read this poem and really feel what the author is saying.

Some of my favorite lines here:
“Press on… to more positive things.”
“Your colors become vibrant as you change course.”
“Sail through the wind until you find your way.”

However difficult this point in time is, re-member: You’re being challenged to gain new perspective and strength. This is ALWAYS the case.

A challenge involves a goal (go-all). You set a goal a long time ago and this is part of achieving it. Go-all out and roll forward. 

Hoping you find strength in this.

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Where’s Your Temple?? (BUILD YOUR POWER!)

Where’s Your Temple??



What do you do to build up your own Power? Where do you go? How to you get in that ZONE? Take a second and think about that. Do you have some kind of practice for building your Self up?

At the end of a session the other day, I sat down with a client and worked on Nutrition and Mindset concepts. At one point he stopped and looked down and said “I’m glad I have the gym, the court, and a coach to work on all this stuff with.”

He got hit with a storm a while back- a lot of crazy Life shit going on… all at once. Right now he’s getting himself stronger- Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spirituality. He’s pulling himself up and building a NEW FOUNDATION after all that went on.

The Basketball Court is his place of PEACE- It’s his Temple, his Sacred Spot. It’s a place where he can work on his skills, be alone, and work through his thoughts. And now his workouts are becoming the same exact thing. We ALL need places like that.


There are Infinite reasons you need your own Temple… your own spot for growth. Here are two of them:

1) Life is fucked up… until you learn to really SEE. And even then… it’s real fucked up. Your own practice will give you the Power to overcome the confusion, ambiguity, and many obstacles you’ll face. 

2) You learn very early on “what Life is”… and it’s completely inaccurate. Growing in your own spot, with your own practice will allow you to Elevate high above the regular beliefs. Your own spot and practice will teach you to LISTEN to your Self, not other people.

So think about it- do you have a creative outlet? Do you have a place you can go to get STRONGER? Are you able to draw those lines and create those boundaries when you need to pull your Self together?


Here are some different practices (my own and clients I’ve worked with) to think about if you’re looking to build up your Power…

Creating Music, Playing or practicing a sport, writing in a journal, growing and tending to plants, dancing/singing/chanting, meditating, walking in the woods, drawing/painting, learning a new skill, reading about what you love doing, reading/writing poetry, going out to comedy clubs, creating comedy, knitting, designing clothes.

There are loads of others, but think of it this way: What do you LOVE doing? Once you know that, MAKE time to do that thing… regardless of what people around you say. This is ESSENTIAL and the ONLY WAY to live a fulfilling Life. We’re all in this thing and there’s no safe route. There’s only THE ROUTE… and it’s following that call to continuous growth and unique evolution.


What Is “The Journey”?

What comes to mind when you think of the word journey? Some will think about a short time where they traveled and tried a couple different things. Other people will think of something a little bigger.

The journey is not any period of time. It’s not a set period in your life where you get to question things. It’s an ongoing, continuous process. It’s an evolution.

Refusing the call to action is an act of self harm. You have a desire to really look deep. To really question who you are and what you’re here for. Why you’re alive. To go toward the things you enjoy to find all that out and have some fun while you do it. But you stop. Out of fear. You can’t let go of things and people in your life, so you keep yourself stuck and imprisoned. That’s self harm

We have all these ideas in life. Just ideas. They don’t mean anything, they’re just ideas. Ones like- you HAVE to stay at the job you’re at. That you HAVE to be with the person you’re with. That relationships are what you’ve been told they are. That you have to be safe to protect you from this thing we call death.

What if I told you all that is wrong? That there are no rules… just suggestions. That you can define what life is. You get to question every solitary thing you’ve been told. That as long as you stick by a few basic rules, you’re all good. The rules involve becoming extremely good at what you do, and serving other people with your skills. And you already have the skills, you just have to allow excitement in enhancing them.

What if I said the journey is not a point in your life where you question things? And it’s not even your whole life. It goes much deeper than that. And all that all those fears you have when you think about “the journey” are just illusion. They vanish when you lean into them. When you learn to see through them just like a thought that you know isn’t true.

What if I told you your purpose is absolutely necessary and meaningful.  That all you’re doing is playing a game that involves you pretending to not have a purpose. And that once you stop playing that game, you realize just what meaning you have. And it’s undefinable.

There’s no time but now. The things you love are the things you love. Follow your passions and your dreams. You’ll unfold and grow. You’ll learn and unlearn. Stop watching and go. Move forward knowing that growth and evolution is all there is.





Perks Of Meditation

Meditation is one of the most beneficial practices you can start up with. Putting time into increases your strength and power as you move along on your path. Depending on where the client is, I usually recommend starting the practice and here’s why:

No matter what your direction is, meditation can help you in a number of ways. I worked this topic with two clients in the past two days. One is a CEO of a growing company and the other is young baseball player. Two completely different people going in their own directions, yet meditation helps both do what they need to do.

So what is it about meditation that’s so helpful? With these two clients, it’s the ability to direct attention on purpose at any given time. What we work on is having such a high level of awareness that they can sense when attention and energy is stuck in the upper regions of the body. Once they sense this, they use the skill they’ve acquired through meditation- attention- to bring their awareness and energy to their feet as they balance themselves out.

When the average CEO is hammered with work, decisions, marketing projects, changes and growth, the head goes nuts. Ideas, fears, hopes, future projections, opinions… all types of shit. From this frame, energy is drained, focus decreases, and creativity drops. When he consciously puts his awareness into his feet and lower body, he opens up head space. This allows him to see through all the thoughts and ideas. It allows him to slow down and see the reality of the situation. Creativity is high, so the problems at hand can be managed or solved more efficiently. This all stems from the ability to sense where attention is and redirect it. An ability gained through meditation.

Now, what about the baseball player? He’s young and consistently growing and playing at higher and higher levels. So what happens when the game is close. When he’s pitching, there’s a man on first and second, and the best hitter in the league up to bat? Same thing: Ideas, fears, hopes, future projections, opinions. They’re flying. What meditation does is allow that player to sense all the excitement and craziness going on. He realizes his attention is in his head and not in the game. He’s able to ground himself and move into his body. This opens up head space, allowing him to focus all his intent on getting this out, and then his body carries him to accomplish that task.

Moving on your own path requires dedication, facing fears, change, and distractions. You have to be able to see through all that, keep your focus, and continue moving forward. Meditation allows you to build that skill to sense where your attention is and shift it as soon as you notice it’s focused on the wrong shit.

Determine where your focus needs to be in order to move on your path. Keep your focus on the things YOU know it needs to be focused on. Practice meditation to enhance this skill.



Examining Axioms

“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.” – Confucius

When I coach someone on beliefs and belief systems, what do you think is the main reason I have them write down some of their core beliefs to be examined? It’s because your beliefs craft your life. Whatever you belief, you’ll find evidence for.

Axioms are ideas that you hold to be true. Now remember, this doesn’t mean they ARE true. It just means you’ve taken them to be true and therefore can reason and make decisions and other beliefs off of them.

These core beliefs influence everything in your life. If you’ve accepted a certain idea through social conditioning and it’s something you’ve never questioned, you’ll find that various parts of your life haven’t been decided by you.

So you want to move in a certain direction in life. But your axiom or core belief has you reasoning against this direction. You have some deep down belief that says this direction is incorrect or wrong. You’re now torn. Your heart wants to move in a specific direction in which you’d be happier, more passionate, and healthier. A core belief that wasn’t even formed by you is holding you back. It has you reasoning against yourself.

This is why understanding social conditioning and working with it is so important. You can have a core belief that everyone in life just plays their preordained roll. That the human being doesn’t change. Which means you just stay stuck in whatever position you’re in. Which means whatever your life consists of now, will always be. You’ve allowed your evolution to stop.

On the other hand, you examine that axiom. You realize that everything evolves during it’s experience. This means people are just a process like everything else. Which means you can do what you want. Evolve and grow the way your heart desires. You have less hang ups. You’ve now increased your own power and feel free enough to change your life.

Examining your axiom in that case has completely changed your outlook and allowed you to see more possibilities and opportunities to move how you want to.

Whatever your belief is, you WILL find evidence for it. “I can do this”… you’ll be able to do it. “I can’t do this”… you won’t be able to do it. You accept thoughts that are in line with your beliefs. Your thoughts affect your actions and behavior. Actions and behavior affect your life. All of this comes from your core beliefs.

It can be tough at first to even pinpoint your core beliefs. Many of them were given to you a long time ago. But if you write some things out, you’ll begin seeing patterns. What do you take for automatic truth? What do you get defensive about or automatically disagree with when someone else shares ideas with you? These will point you in the direction of figuring out your axioms.

To get strong, healthy, and free, you have to be able to see that beliefs are just vehicles. They aren’t true… they’re just ideas that helped you navigate at some point. So choose to live through axioms that empower you and allow you to move in the direction YOU want to. They can be socially unaccepted. They can seem wrong. They can seem strange. If they empower you to be the best you can and allow you to move how YOU want to, then you can adopt them as axioms.





Getting Unstuck

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about being stuck… another one today: “I feel stuck. No forward progress. Nothing excites me.”

Great question- everyone can relate in some way. I have a lot to say on this topic but I’ll keep it as applicable, helpful and basic as possible.

What is “stuck”?

Stuck just means you’re in the Matrix but have no idea. It’s what we’re all a part of and on some level, fighting to break out of. You’re constantly going from a place of “Okay this is cool… things are good” to a place of “I’m trapped. What is this all for. Who am I? What’s my potential?  Why do I not have control over my own happiness?” Sound familiar?

Being stuck is a human thing… the desire to do new things and expand is in our nature, but our conditioning keeps us in the box.  It’s kind of like a battle between wanting to be free but being afraid to pay the price for freedom.

Realizing the truth

Keep this in mind. You’re free, you’ve always been free, you’ll always be free. These ideas, beliefs, and people that keep you in your box are just illusion. Pay no attention to them. Follow your heart toward your goals and dreams… that’s it. If you need more of a reason to keep breaking the box, think of this: You get upwards of 100 years to DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE. How long are you gonna spend listening to these limiting ideas and sad, stuck people? Get unstuck and inspire them to do the same.

From a spiritual standpoint, you can do whatever the fuck you want as long as you expand on positive, free energy. You do not have to be anyone, do anything, or believe anything you’ve been told. This life is for you to experience and learn from. You’re the only one who knows your experience.

Social conditioning

Much of feeling stuck comes from seeing others doing things and believing that’s the way. When you look around, you see a lot of uninspired, sick, stuck, depressed, people. No passion, no freedom. Everyone does what they’re told. Slaves. You see this growing up and don’t want to be that… so you desire something different. Each time you reach outside the box, you experience pushback, so you suppress yourself to fit in this little social box. Again, YOU determine who you are and what you do. Always.

Basic guidelines

Here are some basic guidelines for life. There are no rules beside these (keeping it real basic here). Your job is to:

1) Take care of YOU first. Become healthy, strong and free on your own. No one else. Build the courage that if everything was stripped from you, you’d be fully happy and able to enjoy  life.

2) Get really fuckin good at something you enjoy and use it to help people in some way. It doesn’t matter what it is- use your natural abilities and passions. Get EXTREMELY good at it in order to solve problems for people.

3) Always learn: You are NOT who you think you are- you’re continuously evolving and learning. Stop learning and you’re stuck. Be open to learn new things, embark on new journeys, and capitalize on new opportunities. This will keep your mind clear, open and awake.

There are some others, but start there. Remember- stuck means your heart and truth say one thing and your head says another. FREE YOURSELF. ITS IN YOU.



Some Monday Motivation and a Personal Development Opportunity

Monday Motivation

And a promotional Train Hard Live Right coaching opportunity…

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”Henry David Thoreau

That quote above illustrates what I coach all my clients on. I remind myself and other people that these goals that we set for ourselves are for nothing more than mastery. We set goals outside our comfort zones and then challenge ourselves to grow and change in order to hit them. This is the whole game. Long term happiness comes from this pattern of stepping out of your boundaries and overcoming fear in order to reach your goal. Once you reach it, you’ll set another one… it’s the process and your personality changes that matter.

FUCK SHIT UP THIS WEEK. Don’t get complacent. And if you are complacent right now, MOVE into action today. You get one chance in this body you have- you can stay stuck and let it fly by or you can make yourself transform by setting a goal and MOVING into it.

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