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WTF Is Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training?!

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WTF Is Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training?!

A Useful Energetic Fitness Workout

Ay! It’s your boy Barz. Today I’m sharing a form of training that has unlimited benefits. Literally, unlimited. Fat loss, increased strength and stability, focus, decreased stress… you name it.

I call it Super Spiritual Mindful Recovery Training. Ha! If you know me, you know my background in Eastern practice and sharing the benefits of these toolkits…

Use this workout as a way to switch up your routine and feel the benefits associated. I have clients use this style of training  in the following scenarios:

-They feel tired from TOO MUCH working out
-Their overall focus levels are low. They need a reset
-They’ve hit a plateau in their training
-They feel stressed and regular meditation just isn’t cutting it

Before I get into what it’s all about, check out the video…


It’s real easy to get in the gym, breathe fast, throw some weights up and then leave. It’s a whole nutha story to perform EXTRA slow movements- FEELING your muscles working. Fiber by fiber.

Slow movements in the gym build your MIND-MUSCLE connection. This is a KEY to fitness and building a strong, sexy body. The better you can control and command your muscles to do work- the more in shape you’ll be.

The deep breathing involved in this workout helps in a number of ways. Increased oxygen nourishes the brain, relieves stress and enhances performance.

The increased oxygen intake will boost your metabolism as well… so pairing this style of workout with your  normal high intensity routine will BLAST the fat off your body.

Use this workout as a form of dynamic meditation. The short term and long term benefits will change your life.



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