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Energy Work- Finding True Self


Energy Work- Finding True Self

Happiness, health, flow, openness to experience, vitality. ALL that stuff. Where does it come from? We all want it, but how and where do we get it. (Possible) Answer: It all comes from tapping your “True Self”.

(The above photo is from a 12 hour workshop I went to called “Finding True Self” through Body And Brain Yoga.)

Overall, the workshop was dope. INCREDIBLE energy work and insightful topics- dynamic meditations, chanting, singing, dancing. All that.


During the workshop, we talked about some different topics, but in more of a FEELING than in a thinking way.

The “True Self”, according to tradition is associated with feeling, not thinking. It’s your essence. It’s flow. It’s creative and expressive. It’s fuckin POWERFUL. On the other hand, there’s the “you” that you’ve become familiar with through years of conditioning. This, they refer to as the “false self”. It’s associated with limitation, stuckness, stagnation, and repressed emotion.

“Finding True Self” was all about tapping into that greater, unlimited self and building a relationship with it. This is what THLR and Ron Barz are all about- finding more and more about the true you, working with it, and cultivating it over time. Breaking through limitation and really tapping into your power and talent.

You can tap this greater self in a number of ways, and here are some of the best:

- Let yourself flow with your creative work. Writing, music, dance, painting, whatever you choose.
– Body Work- Exercise, dynamic meditation, massage.
– FEELING your heart and soul- what is it trying to express and how?
– Getting away from every day routine and doing something that excites you.

That all sounds easy, but it can be somewhat difficult for people. Here’s why:

We’re generally conditioned to repress emotion instead of expressing it. There’s alot of judgement and not a lot of “safe places” where a human being can really feel free. We’re taught more to think and analyze without honoring heart and soul. And that’s where the blockages are…


…but fuck all that.

Exercise. Eastern Philosophy. Music. Three practices I gravitate toward for this very reason. To EXPRESS and continue to build a relationship with myself on a deep level.

1) We absolutely need movement. We evolved through movement. It helps keeps us healthy and strong. It allows us to “unblock” that stuck energy and emotion from every day life.

2) Music and sound give us a voice for expression.

3) Ideas associated with Eastern Philosophy gives us the comfort of knowing it’s okay to do that. It’s natural and that other way just doesn’t work. So yo… move and express yourself. Always.

One other thing: DO NOT allow yourself to be boxed in. Never allow people, situations, or your old conditioning to get in the way of what you truly want. This bocks your “True Self”.

Express yourself through movement and sound. It’s a power practice. You don’t have to go to a 12 hour seminar. You can do it every day when you wake up. Just move and make sound. This is in your natural human Blueprint.

So you wanna have energy and feel happy? Energy and happiness comes from expression, not repression. Feel those emotions, all of them. The amazing gifts and things you’re grateful for, along with the heart ache, sadness, pain and grief. Fuck it. All of it. That’s life. Let it flow.


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9 Essentials Of Living (As A Foundation)

9 Essentials Of Living
—As A Foundation—

Deepak Chopra and a lot of Holistic Health Practitioners (among others) say that a huge portion, if not all, of our Health, Longevity, Wealth, and Fulfillment comes from our foundations of Beliefs and Perceptions. They’ll say that our circumstances don’t matter… that it’s our RESPONSES TO THEM that makes all the difference- and our responses are shaped by our deepest Beliefs.

Your Root Chakra Foundation is made up of things that you learned real early on in Life. As you were getting to know yourself and the world, you built up a system and a program that kept you safe and thriving as best as possible. But what worked then might be limiting you now… and most likely causing you some trouble.

What you learned and picked up early on is different from what I did. And what someone in another country picked up is probably much different than both of us. We also see over and over that many Beliefs once widely accepted are now completely obsolete. So what are the truest… or best Root Chakra Foundation Beliefs?

This can be debated, but there are 9 that Deepak Chopra believes are most helpful. This is because they’re based on UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. Many of them are based on the Wisdom of the Body… meaning the Beliefs will inherently create harmony, balance, strength, and healing in your Life.

Rebuilding The Root Chakra Foundation

I offered these 9 Essentials to a client who is going through a lot of changes in Life right now. Most of what he was given early on, he’s realized is WAY OFF. And time and time again, these ways of looking at things has caused him struggle and chaos. Right now he’s going BACK TO THE BASICS, using Deepaks 9 Essentials as a foundation…

These 9 are just practices and ideas to work with. They will, over time create change in your Life- bringing better Health, Balance, Energy, and Vitality. 

Remember, it’s not an over night thing. Personal Growth and creating the Life you’ve always dreamed of takes time and dedication… but it’s well worth it.

Try choosing just one that resonates with you- one that you feel you could accept and implement in your Life. As you see the outter changes, note how you feel every day. As your Health, Energy, and Circumstances begin shifting, note the changes. This will keep you aware and enable you to keep the process going. When the time’s right, implement another one.

About to get back to training and coaching, but leaving you with a quote I came across today: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

 – Lao Tzu

If you know it’s time to change, start today. The longer you wait, the more of a mountain it will look like.  Life is in YOUR hands… just decide. PEACE.

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Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while… you don’t do things right once in a while… you do them right all the time. Winning is habit.

- Vince Lombardi

In the past few Meetups and Small Group Sessions, we’ve gone over some real cool shit. A lot of these BIG questions regarding Health, Fitness, Self Development, Fulfillment… all that good stuff.  As we dive into these discussions, it’s good to hear different ideas, experiences, and insights that can FUEL your Life. 

“Who Am I?”“I’m trying to figure out who I am at this point.”  These types of questions and statements are right up front when you decide to transform your Life, change some things, or decide to REALLY drive yourself and CREATE.

In the video, I go over some of the KEY insights that came up in the Meetups and Sessions…

Those fundamental questions are necessary. You absolutely have to ask them. But trying TOO HARD to “figure out who you are” can be frustrating, painful, and confusing.

The reason is because there is no solid, unchanging Self. You’re always evolving… every second of the day. Every time you learn something new, you’re a new person. Every time you workout and become stronger, you’re a new person. Every Breath. THIS ALWAYS CHANGES. YOU ALWAYS CHANGE. Allowing these changes to take place is Growth. TRYING TOO HARD TO FIGURE OUT or clutch leads to attachment, blockages, and stagnation.


1) What types of foods do you eat?
2) What kinds of activities do you normally do?
3) Do you workout and take care of your body?
4) Do you have a creative outlet?
5) Do you look to build value or take?
6) Do you laugh, have fun, and get crazy?

It’s your Habits and the things you allow in your space. These give you your experience of Life. Your reflection. THAT’S THE REAL YOU. THE EXPERIENCE ITSELF.

In the video, I give the image of you being a fist. Power. And around that fist, that space, that Essence, you have the things you’ve agreed to be part of your experience. Whether you realize it or not, you agree and disagree in order to have things in that space. This is what creates your Idea of Life. And it’s COMPLETELY up to You.

As you continue on your path of Health, Personal Growth, Expansion, and Understanding, remember this analogy and Truth. YOU ARE YOUR EXPERIENCE. Built from your Habits and the things in your circle. Choose which ones you want to change and which ones are keepers.

There’s no solid Self you can clutch and cling onto. You’ll never do it, no matter how hard you try or how far you look. You’re the FLOW. So just flow WITH it. And since it’s up to you to decide your experience of life, choose SELF MULTIPLYING Habits. Ones that build your Power, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Connection, Freedom and Enjoyment. Work on this and your Life will be Incredible.

Start this month strong. Have a vision for the end of the month. How much will you have STEPPED IT UP by the first of next month? See It, Feel It, then just DO THAT SHIT.

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Crying… All Good Or Nah?

Crying… All Good Or Nah?
Energetic Release

How’s your Energy been lately? Is it flowing or blocked? Feeling tired, anxious, or stuck? Or feeling stronger and stronger?

Energy is always moving. If it’s not expressed, it gets stuck and you experience different issues. This is why I tell my clients “LET THAT SHIT OUT!!”

“NAHHH I don’t cry. That was back then.” That’s what my client said the other day. We’re working to strengthen his eyes and I asked him if he ever cries.

Here’s Life: Same shit, different day. Let it flow and it’s All Peace. Allow blockages and you get confusion.

Crying is one way to ALLOW something to come out. Something you couldn’t express verbally or physically. When you LET IT GO, you release. 

As I mention in the video, there are two ways to cry. One is to release something and move on. You’re RELEASING YOUR SELF in order to become more of Powerhouse. The other way is when you’re trying to get attention (…weak dudes with their girlfriends…). That’s just being a pussy.

Always release, let go, and allow the new dynamic to form. Allow the eyes to let go of years of tension and stress. This will help your Vision… it’ll clear out a lot of the fog. And there’s a lot of it.

Keep in Mind: Expression is Expression. Let it off and then allow the changes to occur. This is Evolution… don’t mess with that process.

Express what you feel and get stronger from it. It’s the Key to building Power.



Stuck? Lazy? 3 POWERFUL Mindset Videos

Stuck? Lazy? 3 POWERFUL Mindset Videos

Mike Tyson, Will Smith, and Jimmy Valvano


It’s almost 2016 and as I review the year, I’m compiling some lists of resources that I’ll be sharing. There’s a lot of content out there that I, along with my clients have found real helpful.

Since it’s MINDSET MONDAY, I figured I’d take 3 of my favorite motivational videos. I’ve shared these with clients who have found them extremely helpful to shake up the Mind a bit.

When we become lazy and complacent, it often takes just a few powerful words to get us in the Zone. A short, emotional talk just to bring us to that Upper Level.

These 3 guys know what they’re talking about and have some real good words to share when it comes to Motivation.

1) Mike Tyson: One of the greatest fighters of our time. Tyson trained like no other and had a one of a kind mentality. He was dedicated, strong, and focused. In a motivational video, you’ll hear him saying “You have to be willing to sacrifice. You need to be disciplined and do what you need to even if you don’t want to.”

He’s right. If you WANT TO ACHIEVE A GOAL, you have to sacrifice EVERYTHING. Cling onto safety and things that help you distract, and you’ll never succeed.

2) Will Smith: When I was out in Cali, I was training, shadowboxing, and meditating on Native American ground. Completely in Spirit. I was out there with nothing and no one… just my Mind and my Vision. I’d put on this interview and Will’s words stuck with me. “This is what I believe, and I’m willing to DIE for it.” That’s it… it’s that simple. Be willing to DIE for what you believe in.

This compilation is a GEM. Stay with yourself. Work on your CRAFT… EVERY DAY. Develop a relentless Mindset. There’s no secret. It’s how bad you want it.

3) Jimmy Valvano: One of the best speeches of all time. If this doesn’t jolt you into making some changes, nothing will. This man was dying of cancer and delivered this incredible speech.

We get ONE Life. Most people waste it by not realizing WHAT IT IS. Don’t be one of them. I’ve watched family members struggle and die of cancer. Every moment is precious. Don’t be one who looks back and says “Shit, I did everything I told and I was mediocre… I blended it.” Don’t blend in.

Valvano says to Laugh, Think, and be moved to tears every day. He says that’s a full day. And he was right.

Here’s the video for this week:

Those 3 people lived Life on a DEEP level. It wasn’t surface level for them. They motivated people, they were dedicated, they inspired people, and they were filled with Passion. Live like that.

Make 2016 Epic.

- Have fun
– Have new adventures
– DIE achieving your goals
-Express something creative
-Redefine your potential


ESSENTIAL Core Training For Life

ESSENTIAL Core Training For Life



When people walk into a gym, the most common question they ask is “How do I trim my belly fat?” Or “How do I get a Six Pack?

Everyone wants one. And the best way to get one is to focus on training your CORE as a whole. Your Core is your Foundation. You know yourself and your world THROUGH your Core. And when it’s strong and stable, so are you.
Think about this scenario:  There are two guys going in for a job interview. One is sitting there slouched over, breathing shallow. He looks weak, defeated, and worried. The other has his head and chest up, breathing nice and slow and relaxed. He looks strong and excited to be there. Guess who gets the job 100% of the time? Right, guy number 2.
But it’s not only because one LOOKS weak and the other doesn’t. It’s because of what’s going on INTERNALLY.

They Actually PING!

Your Body and Mind PING off each other all day long. Sit in a slumped over position and your Mind will gravitate toward thoughts of that nature. Weakness and defeat. Stand up straight and tall with your chest up and you’ll begin thinking thoughts of Power and Confidence.
Same with your thoughts. Begin feeding your mind, thinking thoughts, and surrounding yourself with positive ideas… and watch your Body MIRROR that.
This show how important your Core and posture is for your LIFE. It’s not JUST about the Six Pack.

Be A Rock

A Six Pack IS cool… I’ll admit it. But having a strong foundation externally AND internally. That’s infinitely cooler. I want you to strengthen your Core and witness how it affects your Life on every level- everything from relationships to your career to your health and wellbeing.
I want you to be a ROCK. This means that when you stand there talking to me, you’re in command of yourself and your own Power. I want to see that if I was to attempt to take you off your Square physically or mentally… you’re not going anywhere. And that will come from training your Core for a better foundation and posture.

Core Workouts

When it comes to core workouts, I often put clients through a 4 exercise circuit. One movement trains the top of the core, one hit the bottom, one focuses on stabilization, and one is to fire the Glutes and Abs together.
Check out the video for this week. There are 5 exercises and variations to add into your regimen:

Sample Circuit:

-V Ups (Lower) x 15 reps
-Straight Leg Situps (Upper) x 15 reps
-Plank Variation (Stabilization) x 30 seconds – 1:30
-Glute Bridges (Glute/Ab Couple) x 5-15 Reps
To hit the Obliques, do:
-Russian Twists x 15 reps
-Side Bends x 15 reps
Do 2-3 rounds of these circuits. Your Core will be on FIRE.
***IMPORTANT*** As you do these, breathe DEEP and slow. Focus your attention on your core and commanding your Body. This is how you bridge Physical and Mindset practices. FEEL what is happening and how it’s affecting your mentality. Breathe into that area and realize that you’re building part of your body that affects EVERYTHING you do.
Build your Core this week. And not just physically. Work on your confidence, self worth and value, boundaries, belief systems, and influences.

Enhance all of these and your Health and Life will drastically improve.


Support Those Around You By Pulling Yourself Up

Monday Mindset/Motivation

Support Those Around You By Pulling Yourself Up

pull yourself up

How many Pull Ups have you done in your Life? A few? Hundreds? Thousands? I often talk about Exercise, Right Nutrition, and Mindset Principles from a Holistic standpoint. I guide my friends and clients to see that their workouts and efforts to get stronger or lose weight are actually for a much more important, bigger picture. It’s not just “I want a 6 pack.” It’s for growing, evolving and become more solid AS A PERSON. Most importantly it’s to become a source of strength and power so you can “Pull Up” those around you.

When I was a kid, physical exercise was one of my outlets. It was one way I was able to become stronger and work through everything that Life was throwing at me. We had a Pull Up bar down in the basement. Anytime I needed to be alone, gather my thoughts, and grow through a challenge, I’d go down there, grab it and just pull myself up over and over and over. This became a metaphor for Life in my eyes.

Our Inherent Nature

Throughout Life, we’re presented with problems. All types of situations and challenges. Small ones, big ones, simple ones, complex ones. We go through these as we move along, finding our way. And it’s these challenges that bring about the stress, discomfort, and pain, that lead to our Growth and Personal Evolution. It’s all very necessary. Not only necessary, but crucial.

Our loved ones go through this pain and discomfort too of course. Friends, family, and the entire world. We take on this suffering as a way to understand and connect. We naturally do this.  But why would we want to take on such uncomfortable pain and suffering that’s not ours? It’s because we WANT to help. We want to see each other uplifted and in a state of Power and Peace. As Human Beings, we inherently want to support and uplift. We want to give Life when we sense it’s lacking.

As we “Pull Ourselves Up” from our own struggles and challenges, we learn and grow. When we take on some of the pain of a loved one and pull them up, we learn and grow as well. Each “Pull Up” we do, is a rep for Life. It’s strengthening us from DEEP within our core. 

This Week’s Video Is Focused On This Idea Of “Pulling Ourselves Up” So We Can Support Those Around Us: 

See, those tough situations are actually calling us into action. They’re not problems, they’re INVITATIONS to become stronger. And by accepting these invitations we become capable of offering support, love, wisdom, and guidance to loved ones who need it.

The Arrival

I did a walking meditation yesterday and listened to a Native American song called “Arrival”. Absolutely beautiful:

I walk and listen to songs like this to clear my mind, get focused and strengthen my connection to Spirit. Just like exercise, it’s another way I’m able to see my way through tough situations.

The song is called “Arrival” and all I could feel as I listened was this deep insight and knowing that our experiences continually mold and shape us to become that deep source of strength for our people. We “Arrive” to really see this. To REALLY understand it.

Ask And Listen

Every single experience is doing this for you if you can stop, listen and see it that way. The harder your circumstances and experiences, the greater the invitation and gift. I’ve personally known this for a very, very long time and though it’s hard to fully accept, it is true.

Listen to this song and just ask the question “Why?” Then listen. Slow your breathing, sit still, and listen after you ask. The answers will come. Every experience you’ve ever had will become brighter and brighter as you begin to understand what’s actually happening. And if you start to cry, cry. Release your self.

Remember, the challenges and adversities you and your loved ones face are NOT BAD. Nor are they to be feared. They’re all invitations. Be grateful for the opportunity to “Pull Up” become stronger, healthier, more connected, and more free. This natural molding of character is allowing you to  become more than you’ve ever been. And that’s the greatest gift you’ll ever unwrap.

Do your Pull Ups. Consistently, every day, learn to pull yourself up out of ANY hole you find yourself in. These reps will give you the strength and power you’ll use to “Pull Up” someone in your Life.



3 Benefits Of DEDICATING Yourself To Your Path

3 Benefits of DEDICATING Yourself To Your Path

(Mindset Motivation)

When it comes to “Moving In Your Own Direction”, there are a lot of different barriers to overcome. They can seem ENDLESS. And maybe they are. Dedicating yourself to your OWN path, your own calling… it’s not easy. And it’s not for the faint of heart.

Courage, boldness, belief, faith… those are just some of the attributes needed for this journey. But as you proceed, you’ll see that these qualities increase the more you move the way you were meant to.

There are an infinite amount of benefits that come from following your own Path. And these are what make the juice worth the squeeze.

1) Increased Personal Strength and Energy
When you make a decision to do something solely based on what your intuition is telling you, you move with STRENGTH. You have Energy to move forward with this decision because your focus is aimed 100% at what you’re doing.

Being dedicated to your own path means you’ve chosen to CHALLENGE your conditioning. You’re consciously observing the influences around you and the ideas you picked up from other people. And from that, you’ve decided to choose Intuition and Heart over all of it. This is one place that Strength comes from.

2) No Care For What Doesn’t Matter (Ability To Weed Out Bullshit) X More Time And Energy For What DOES Matter

Can you SEE THROUGH bullshit? Can you observe a situation and immediate detect someone’s Intent? And if you do, can you detach from it? If you’ve dedicated yourself to your own Path, you have this ability or you’re developing it.

The Clarity and new energy that comes from your dedication allows you to see everything much more clearly. You’ll begin to drop the need to fight the negative. You’re too busy building on the new and the positive.

When you stop caring about what doesn’t matter (the bullshit), you have more time and energy to put into what DOES matter. The good friends, the family, the lover, the career, the big vision, the goal, the practice, the art. Whatever YOU’VE decided is worth it.

3) More Options And Easier Decisions

 One of the the best benefits right here. With your eyes much more open and your brain focused on what you DO want, you become aware of the opportunities and options associated with what you love. You’ve thrown yourself into your Purpose and you’re now seeing that there are endless ways to grow into it. More avenues, conducive situations, and people. They’re all right there.

Many times with so many options, decisions can be tough. Not when you’re on your own Path. The decisions are easy because you already know what works and what doesn’t, what your Purpose is, what you love, and where you want to put your time and energy. Your vision is clear.


It can be tough to know if you’re on your own Path, let alone know and be fully dedicated to it. Make a practice of LISTENING REALLY FUCKING CLOSE to your body and what it’s saying. It will give you the answers you’re looking for. But if you’ve never trusted your gut, you’ll have to practice this one.

Your BODY will tell you when someone is lying and a situation is not in line with your highest goal. It will let you know when you need to make a move and change careers so you can love life again. It’ll tell you when you need to say NO and start taking things into your own hands.

When you’re on your own Path, you’ll know it. It starts with letting your heart guide you for a minute a day.. then two minutes… then an hour…. then the entire day. Over time what you’ll see is that you’ve been doing what you’ve been told… for way too long. And it’s blinded you. And once you have that awareness, you can be honest with yourself and work toward changing it.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. Check out the Baghavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching for some good material on this topic.


Mega Focus Morning Routine

Mega Focus Morning Routine

What is your early morning like?  Do you roll out of bed and go straight for the coffee? Many of us do that but the problem is you’re setting yourself up for a crash soon after. And when you’ve been down that road over and over, it’s time for a change.

What if there was a way to maintain high energy and focus for the entire day…without coffee or sugar? There is, and it’s based on the early morning ritual. 

I’ve been working with a couple clients on this idea. We’re crafting  a morning ritual to hit that peak state and maintain it throughout the day. One of the two clients said he wants to hit his stride every day. He knows what he needs to do but he can’t will himself to get there. And he really wants to have control over that. Don’t we all?

The ritual we’re working on involves some movement, Pranic Breathwork, and visualization. The entire session takes about a half hour and leaves you in an incredible Mindset.

1) To start off, you drink some water. 2-3 Big Cups of warm water. After a deep sleep, your brain needs water to function. This reduces stress, increases awareness, and helps relax the body. Drinking water should be the FIRST thing you do.

2) Pranic Breathwork: During each exercise, inhale HUGE amounts of air deep into your lower body and then breathe out. The point here is to infuse yourself with oxygen. This wakes you up, starts up the metabolism, energizes and focuses the body.

- Arm Circles/Eye Rotations: Rotate the arms forward as you breathe deep. Open your eyes real wide and look all the way to the left for 15, then the right for 15.

- Toe Touches: Big breath in as you reach down, hold for 3 seconds, then breathe out as you come up. 30 seconds here.

- Quantum Squats: This ones weird but it’s been proven to have a BIG effect on the brain. Hold your left ear with your right hand and your right ear with your left hand. Take a huge breathe in on the way down into the squat (breathe through your knows), then power up real fast and breathe it all out through your mouth. 30 seconds.

- Knee Rotation, and Kick Out: Bend the knees a little, put your hands on your knees, then rotate from your lower body. Move the knees forward, then backward as you breathe deeply. 30 seconds and then do the Kick Out: Keep your legs and ankles loose, and just flick your feet out. All this moves energy around that’s trapped in your knees and ankles. Feel the energy flow through these areas.

 – Bow and Face Stretch: Bend your knees again, thrust your hips forward and bring your arms way up over your head. Open your mouth and eyes as wide as you can and lean back as you breathe into your lowerbody. While you do this flex your glutes and your core, you’ll feel some shaking as the breathe breaks through tight muscles. Our respiratory muscles in the front become tight from chronic stress- this exercises breaks through them to enhance our breathing.

At this point you should feel awake, energized and focused.

3) Read, watch or listen to something HIGH LEVEL. By high level, I mean something that will benefit you- something inspirational and focused on bettering the self. Your mind is open and you’re receptive at this point in the ritual- feed yourself with some good mind food.

4) Visualize your day/purpose. Write out what you want and how you want things to work. It’s important to focus ONLY on what you want, disregarding any thoughts of worry or obligations you might be attached to. This part of the ritual is to enhance your attention- focusing it on ONLY what you want. Write out affirmations, new beliefs, images, and emotions you want your life to be made up of.

5) Ground everything you just did. Bend your knees, inhale deeply, go up on your toes and then let all your bodyweight hit the ground through your heels. As you hit the ground, let your breathe out fully. Feel your feet the whole time. The point is to take everything you just did- the powerful emotion, the expanded awareness, and the beliefs… and ground them into your body. This will allow you to carry out your day the way you want to.

Do this ritual for a week and note the difference. You’ll notice a big improvement in overall health and energy. You’ll have better focus and more motivation, and you’ll feel an increasing sense of Freedom.

Remember this quote- One of my favorites. It’s all about the habits you CONTINUOUSLY practice. Just keep on chipping away, getting better and better!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action but a habit.” – Aristotle






Just Push It- It’s All Heart And Soul

Just Push It- It’s All Heart And Soul


“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Your workouts are what develop you as a human being. They provide the challenge you need to push through barriers. They allow you to confront limiting beliefs and mental weakness. And it’s the ability to feel that pain and still push on, growing stronger and stronger… that’s what matters in life.

As a personal trainer, one of the most common things I hear is “some days I just can’t do it. I don’t have the strength.”

When I hear this, I’m thinking two things: 1) Physically, the body is drained. It’s struggling a little bit. So yeah, let’s look at nutrition, stretching and breathing, sleep, etc. Get some of the vitality back. 2) The mind has been FOOLED and there’s a belief that the body is the only thing at work during these workouts.

What we have to constantly remind ourselves of is that our mind and body are pushing through these workouts as one force. But more importantly, there’s a higher aspect of heart and soul behind the whole entire thing.

Heart and soul is what separates you into two categories. One is doing “alright” in the gym and with your journey of personal growth. The other is absolutely cruising to a better, stronger, and more resilient place in your life.

We often hit our final reps like this: We feel our bodies and the fatigue. Becoming aware of the fatigue switches our mindset to slowing down and getting ready to stop. We feel like we can handle 2 or 3 more reps. Believing that’s the case, we make it happen. 2 or 3 reps and we’re done.

But the elite athlete, the champion, the one who’s been through all the pain will tell you this: It’s just a belief. When you feel your body getting tired, you DECIDE to do more reps. If you stay focused and keep the bar high, you’ll be amazed at what you’re able to pull out in those final parts of the set or the workout.

It’s all heart and soul. That’s all it is. And if you allow yourself to be carried by heart and soul, your workouts will get better, your body will get stronger, and you’ll become unstoppable. Heart and soul is what carries you when your body is too weak. When things in your life aren’t going so well, it’s heart and soul that keeps you strong.

As you evolve, just remember that you have this force behind you at all times. It’s past the mind and body, past the feelings of pain and fatigue. Let that carry you through any situation where you feel weak, tired, or held back.