Kaitlin F. (Down 30lb)

Mike C. (Down 15lb)

Mike 1 aMike 2

Alex M. (Down 15lb)

Rich D.
for ryan-rich diesso“I have greatly benefited from my nine months of personal training with Ron. We worked on a weekly basis to learn new exercises, increase my weights, improve my posture/form, and modify my diet. He has a unique background rooted in understanding of kinesiology, nutrition, mindfulness, and Eastern philosophy, all of which he calls upon to provide his clients with a holistic approach to self-improvement. I would definitively recommend Ron to any friend who were seeking a personal trainer.”
 sasankaSasanka A.
“As a first time startup CEO, and first time father, life is crazy and it’s easy to forget about one of the most important things in life — Your Health. Originally, my oal was to lose 30lbs in six months and while working with Ron, I realized that it wasn’t just about losing weight. It was about making fundamental changes to my life with nutrition, physical fitness, and most importantly the way you think about health.
After 6 months, I not only achieved my goal in losing 30lbs, but also had a new perspective of being physically and mentally fit. It was one of the most transformational changes that I’ve had in the last 10 years. Ron is a superstar as he’s committed to working with individuals that are willing to try different things to achieve positive change in their life with their body, mind and soul.”

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